Training Group Standards and Move-Ups: Senior Program

Gator Swim Club's training group structure is designed to allow progression over time from novice to highly experienced and skilled swimmer. The lists below show the basic expectations for each group. Due to the structure of our program, moves from group to group are not carried out to accommodate more convenient practice times or other member-family preferences but are coaching decisions based on the group standards. The integrity and fairness of the structure is key to the success of our swimmers at all levels.


Senior Flex Group

This group is designed for swimmers who are high-school-age but who (a) need more stroke instruction in a smaller group setting or (b) wish to have more flexibility with their training schedule than in the Senior program because of academic commitments or a dual sport schedule. Placement in this group follows discussion with team administrator and/or coach. Swimmers in this group are eligible to attend meets and may also work toward moving up into the Senior program. Practices through the year will range from 4 to 5 practices per week depending on the season (4 school year, 5 summer).  Minimum ability requirements of the group are to be able to complete a 500 yard freestyle, 100 IM, and understand circle swimming and lane etiquette of a swim team. While attendance for Flex is optional, it is suggested that you practice often to obtain performance increases and to keep the sport fun.


Pre-Senior Group

This is our most diverse group in age as this group serves to bridge between our color groups and our senior program. This group will have some of our top 12 year old swimmers, however the majority of the swimmers in this group are going to be between 13 and 15 years old. Practices will be offered six times per week, and attendance requirements go up with age. Those looking to work toward the Senior State program should strive for all available practices while holding a minimum of 75% attendance. Swimmers 14 and older with under a 60% attendance will transition into our Flex program. Pre-Senior is designed as a transition group, not a group you stay in for 2 years or more.

Pre-Senior will participate in GSC's dryland program on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.


Senior State Group

An invitation from the head coach is required to move up into this group.

Swimmers in this group will have Senior Championship qualifying times. Their end of season focus meet will be either FLAGs (14-year-olds) or Senior Championships.  Swimmers must maintain above a 75% seasonal attendance. Sequential months of failure to hold attendance minimums will result in moving out of the Senior Program and into the Flex program or Pre-Senior Group, regardless of qualifying times. Dryland workouts are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for the first hour of practice.

There are two sub groups in the Senior State group:

  1. Senior Speed – No mornings, focus on events 100 and down. Less practices mean it is vital to attend daily as your 75% attendance is still held. This group does not feed into the Senior National group. Swimmers wishing to move into the National Group must swim one year in the Senior Nat Development sub group.
  2. Senior Nat Development – Morning practices are implemented to prepare these swimmers for Senior National (high school freshmen: Mondays; high school sophomores, juniors, seniors: Mondays and Wednesdays). Only swimmers with a year of Senior Nat development are eligible to more into the Senior National group, on top of the other requirements.


Senior National Group

An invitation from the head coach is required to move up into this group.

Swimmers in this group have a proven track record of 90%+ attendance, attending their top championship meet, great work ethic, and the ability to follow the coaches' season plan and target meets. Additionally, the group will look to compete at meets around the country during the season as well as for championship meets. This will take a full family commitment to be a part of this group. Attendance at all practices is expected. Absences should be few and far between and communicated well in advance. Vacations should align with team breaks or be communicated at the beginning of the season and training while on vacation will be organized and agreed upon. Dryland workouts are scheduled for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for the first hour of practice.


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