We are super excited entering 2023 in partnership with SwimStrong Dryland! This program will be implemented team-wide, with age-appropriate, out-of-the-pool exercises that will help our swimmers add core strength and increase their flexibility through this program specifically designed to complement their in-water practices; our oldest swimmers already have dryland as part of their practice schedules each week, but now we will be able to offer this swim-specific training to all of our athletes. Coach Hulvey will be working with SwimStrong on the design of the program for GSC to achieve the things he believes most benefit our swimmers, and Gator coaches will be working together to implement the program at our practices.

The major components of the program include:

  • World-class dryland programming periodized to fit the GSC season schedule and goals
  • Nutrition education and password-protected access to all nutrition content on the SwimStrong Dryland website (created by SwimStrong Director of Nutrition Programming and Research, Brittany Miller, Precision Nutrition Certified, NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist)
  • Training education and daily wellness tracking (created by SwimStrong Director of Program Research and Development, Bryan McPherson, M.S. Exercise Physiology, NSCA CSCS), and access to all password-protected training content on our website
  • Leadership training to create an "athlete-driven culture" (led by SwimStrong Director of Leadership Training and Character Development, Sean Workman, Virginia Tech Swim Team Alumni and former Olympic Trial Qualifier)
  • Sports psychology education (from SwimStrong owner and founder, Eric Hudson, M.S. Sport Psychology, B.S. Exercise Science, NSCA CSCS) 
  • Prehab/Rehab work built into the programming and additional routines added in for injury prevention or recovery (created by SwimStrong Doctor of Physical Therapy consultant, Jill Oertle, DPT)
  • Motivational content for athletes
  • Opportunity to attend the SwimStrong Dryland Elite Camp each summer (for those who reach the qualifying time standards) and train with the top athletes in the program from around the country
  • A monthly "Coaches Corner" where all the coaches from the SwimStrong Dryland program get together on Zoom in order to learn, grow, and better ourselves as coaches for all of our athletes