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Note: Monthly Dues are based on annual membership and are not prorated for our two breaks in Spring and Summer. If you would like to suspend your membership, please review our 'Leave of Absence' Policy below.

Registration Fees

(August 2023 - July 2024)

Annual Registration Fees:

All training groups (except OD)

Age Group & Senior







(August Start)






Seasonal Registration Fees:

Olympic Development

Cost each season





August Start (Fall Season)

January Start (Winter/Spring Season)

May Start (Summer Season)





 *Annual registration fee pro-rated if joining Age Group or Senior Training Group October or after.

**Registration Fees include T-Shirt, Swim Cap, and Car Magnet. For Family Registration, T-Shirt and Swim Cap will be included for two athletes. Additional athletes will be $20/each (OD swimmers: one shirt/cap per year)

***If families have athletes in both our Olympic Development and Age Group/Senior training groups, the registration fee will take the highest level. 

All team members are required (by USA Swimming) to be USA Swimming registered athlete members, regardless of competition intentions. Loggerhead Aquatics is a member club and is required to follow all rules and regulations.USA-Swimming Registration is not included in Loggerhead Aquatics' Registration fee.


Annual USA Swimming Registration Fee -  $85.00 (may be higher for 2023)


Annual Pass-Holder Fee (*JCP Non-Residents) - $180.00/year per child
This fee is added to monthly dues as an additional $15/month. This fee gives non-resident team members (not other family members) access to the facility during scheduled practice times only and for Loggerhead practices only. Parents may watch practice. This fee does not enable non-residents (parents/siblings) to use the facility and amenities. For information regarding a full membership to the JCP Recreation Center see the front desk.


Leave of Absence - not possible due to waiting list.


Multi-Sibling Discounts

Available for families registering more than one swimmer. 2nd athlete is $5.00 discount. 3rd is $10.00, 4th is $15.00, 5th is $20.00 discount on that swimmer. 
Since the registration system does not apply the discount at the time of check-out, the discount shall be applied in subsequent months. 


Payment of Fees
Loggerhead requires a credit card or similar (ACH) on file.

Invoices hit your card after midnight on the 1st of each month.

Loggerhead does not take any other form of payment.

Late payment places a swimmer’s spot on the team at risk of being filled by an athlete from the waiting list.


Swim Meet Entry Fees

Entry fees are paid on your behalf to the meet host by Loggerhead Aquatics at the time the meet entry is submitted to the meet host. LA does not receive a refund if a swimmer is a no show for any reason. Each athlete attending (not ping-pong meets) shall be assessed a $10 additional "coaching" fee for each meet to defray coaching staff expenses. 


Leaving the Team

If your swimmer(s) are leaving the team and you wish to suspend membership, you must do so prior to the 15th of the month you wish to "end' on. Do Not email the coaches. (i.e. if want to leave at the end of May, you must notify the team admin on or before May 15)

Team admin =  [email protected]


Swim Meet Attendance Policy

All home meets are required. We require swimmers to attend the highest level meet they are qualified for (Florida Age Group Championships, Senior Championships, etc.)