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How do we enter a meet?

As we are becoming more familiar with our new Team Unify technology we’d like to have a short instructional write-up on how to enter the event.   Also included is the coaching staff's goals towards attendance at the event and also towards which sessions you attend.

1.       Log-in to www.loggerheadaquatics.com.

2.       Click on the meet you wish to enter on Home page (left/bottom)

3.       Click on "Edit Commitment"

4.       Confirm “Yes my swimmer will attend” in the drop down menu.

5.       A new drop box will appear after you have clicked “Yes my swimmer will attend.”

6.       In this drop box enter the sessions for which your swimmer will be present.  We ask that unless you cannot physically be present at the meet early/late that you also register for the distance session.  Make sure you click on "save changes"!!

7.       The coaching staff will then enter your swimmers after the registration deadline.

8.       If you notice an error (meaning you signed up for the wrong day) you generally have around 24 hours to let one of the coaches know (preferably via email rather than on the pool deck) so we can make the appropriate changes.

9.       Once we send in the entry to the host team you are locked in to those events, whether you can make it to the meet or not at this point. 

Why can't we be reimbursed for meet fees?

Swim meet fees vary by the type of the meet. Fees are based on "entering" a meet, not actually swimming in the meet. Loggerhead must prepay for all meet entries. Loggerhead is not given a refund for swimmers who sign up, but do not attend the meet. You are responsible for the meet entry fees unless you notify the coach prior to the meet entries being submitted to the meet host. Swimmers must be in good standing with team dues to compete in swim meets.