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Age Group Program


Loggerhead has training groups suitable for most levels of competitive swimmer. The group descriptions below will help you understand the progression your athlete will see as they move through the levels of our Age Group program.


Training Groups

Olympic Development (Ages 6-10): Olympic Development (OD) is a developmental practice group with a major emphasis on stroke development. OD is designed to teach our swimmers skills needed to have a solid foundation in the sport. Swimmers will be introduced to the fundamentals needed for all four competitive strokes as well as how to perform legal starts and turns. Practice will include a lot of kicking, drilling, and working on the basics. Swimmers will learn lane etiquette, how to manage themselves within a practice group, and what is expected of them when training in a group setting.

Bronze (Ages 7-11): Swimmers within our Bronze group will build on the fundamental skills learned in OD as they continue to develop and refine their strokes. Bronze swimmers will be introduced to race strategies and practices will begin to have more emphasis on swimming fast. Swimmers in this group will learn to be self-sufficient during practice and will work to develop legal strokes, starts, turns, relay exchanges, etc.

Silver (Ages 8-12): Silver swimmers have four legal strokes and will split their time evenly between stroke development and training. They will be introduced to intermediate-level skills as they increase volume, intensity, and knowledge of race strategy. Silver swimmers are self-sufficient within their practice group and can effectively use a pace clock, follow along with a set, and hold themselves accountable.

Gold (Ages 9-14): This group focuses on increasing strength and conditioning in preparation for the next level of training. Gold swimmers will be introduced to a more advanced skill set as they continue to develop stroke technique and training ability. Gold swimmers must show commitment to the sport through practice/meet attendance and a high level of self-accountability in order to advance to Gold Plus.

Gold Plus (Ages 10-14): Gold Plus is a high-level practice group with swimmers who are committed to their training. Volume and intensity will increase significantly over Gold in preparation for moving to the Senior program. Gold Plus swimmers will focus on refining strokes/skills, perfecting race strategies, and increasing their level of strength/conditioning.


Policy of Group Move Ups Through the Age Group Program

Moving up in practice groups is not seasonal or even yearly.  Swimmers will spend multiple seasons/years in the same practice group.  Group advancement will be decided upon by the group coach and Head Age Group Coach.  Move Ups are typically done in August and March.
Practice requirements, meet requirements, and previous season(s) championship meet requirements need to have been met in the swimmer's current group in order to be considered for a Move Up.
Coaches will look at the ability of the swimmer versus the next groups practice requirements, maturity level and age of the swimmer compared to the next practice group, as well as space for additional swimmers in the next practice group.  All Move Ups are at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Some of the factors that weigh into training group placement:

  • Effort and behavior at practice
  • Psychological maturity level
  • Physical maturity level
  • Physiological needs
  • Technical readiness
  • Tactical readiness
  • Competitive maturity
  • Level of commitment to practice and meets
  • Independence and self reliance
  • Age
  • Coachability

The long-term development of the swimmer is the number one priority! We strive to advance a swimmers training and competitive career through consistent practice and competition.

The process builds upon a prerequisite skill set that must be in place before advancement is pursued. This allows the coaching staff the ability to maintain training group integrity and allow a thoughtful athlete driven advancement curve that ensures long term athlete development.

An athlete moving up or not, has no implication of the long-term success of that athlete.



Please note that high school aged swimmers automatically qualify for the Senior program. Reach out to Coach Bryan at [email protected] to inquire about joining at the senior level.