18 & Under World 100s
Florida Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


Each practice group has a list of required practice equipment. Each swimmer is responsible for bringing their equipment with them to every practice. A list of required equipment for your child's group can be found in the Groups category in the menu bar above.

Please clearly mark/identify equipement with swimmer name.

Currently Loggerhead Swim Caps are available through your Loggerhead coach.

Team Speedo Suits are required for swim meets yes

Information about the equipment...

The Swimmer's snorkel is a specialized piece of equipment, not a regular divers snorkel. It goes up past the swimmers forehead and not to the side of the head like a diving snorkel. This allows swimmers to work on stroke technique without the worry of when to breathe.

The fins are rubber swimming fins and not the hard plastic diving fins that you might purchase for snorkeling. They should fit over the entire foot and not be open at the back, with short blades.


For a list of your child's group required equipment, please see the Age Group page or the Senior Group page.