Latest News (September)

USC Admin

Just a reminder that we were able to stay healthy and didn’t have any COVID cases at the pool or on deck during the summer.

The beginning of the school year presents new challenges and we kindly ask you to get your swimmers familiar with the practice layout, remind them about social distancing protocols (6 feet apart) and other precautions (wear a face mask if possible when there is a chance of you getting close to other people).

We are currently limiting the number of swimmers in most groups to 3 per lane. With our current attendance, we have no more than 2 swimmers most of the time. Below I attached USA Swimming recommendations that we follow for a safe practice routine when there are 3 swimmers in one lane. Please show the layout to your swimmers and explain how they able to stay 6 feet apart from other swimmers (I’m talking about stopping at the flags).

It’s also important to monitor your swimmers’ symptoms and make sure they take a couple of days off before returning if they feel unwell.


You can find all COVID related protocols we use here. For all practice layouts please checkFacility Reopening guidelines and planning


If you’d have any trouble understanding the layout or other questions – please let me know.



A few important reminders for the upcoming month:


1.September 7th, Labor Day – no swimming.

2. September 1st is the beginning of the new quarter. We offer only quarterly commitment options at this time since we have a very long waiting list. However, families with multiple members have the option of paying quarterly.

3. Some swimmers moved to a different group as we shifted groups dynamic a little bit. Please check your swim group and make sure you attend the correct time slot. All swimmers supposed to be listed in their group for the next quarter by tomorrow evening (we are still making last-minute adjustments).

4. Please check your contact information for parents/guardians and emergency contact. We had multiple occurrences where we weren’t able to contact parents because of the old phone number or email address in the system.

5. OnDeck app is the easiest way to receive urgent notifications, like practice cancelations, update or look up your account information or check your swimmers’ results online. Please download it here.

6. We still have many XL and XXL tank tops and t-shirt that we want to give out for free. Please let me know if you'd like to have any.


We plan to have another intra-squad meet at the end of September (26-27) for all groups. Stay tuned for more updates!


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,