How to sign-up for USC Swim Meet, Jobs, and What to Expect at Meet

Sep 19, 2018

 Parents: How to sign-up athlete for meet / Commit to events 

Declaring/signing up your athlete(s) for events is easy in TeamUnify.  

  Sign In to your team's TU website, click here: . United Swim Club Team Website 

  1. Go to the Events or Calendar page. 

  1. Click the Attend/Decline button. 

  1. On the Events page, it looks like this. 
    Event Attend/Decline button 

  1. On the Calendar, it looks like this. 
    Calendar Attend/Decline button 

  1. Click the name of your athlete whom you want to attend. 

  1. Click the Declaration dropdown and click Yes, please sign [name] up for this event (or No, thanks, [name] will NOT attend this event, enter any Notes, and then click Save Changes). 
    Athlete declaration selection 

  1. Enter any Notes you want the coach to see. 

  1. If a team admin has allowed you to select events, check the boxes of the events you want your athlete to enter. If you are not sure what events to select for your swimmer please ask your coach. 
    Athlete event selections 

  1. Red times indicate your athlete is not qualified to enter those events. 

  1. Events you choose are subject to coach approval. 

  1. Otherwise select which days and sessions your athlete will attend and a coach will then pick which events your athlete will enter. 
    Athlete day/session selections 

  1. You may click a day/session button to see what events are scheduled. 

  1. Click Save Changes. 

  1. Repeat for all other athletes you may have. 

Parents: Volunteer/sign up for jobs 

Signing up for jobs at swim meets is easy just follow these steps. 

Sign in to your team's website click here: United Swim Club Team Website 

  1. Go to your Events page. 

  1. Find an upcoming meet in the list and click Job Signup. 
    Meet on Events page 

  1. Check the boxes by jobs you will work. Be careful not to pick conflicting times! 

  1. Click Signup. 
    Job Signup page 

  1. In the popup box, optionally enter any contact information, such as your phone number, or if someone else will be doing the job, their name and number, and click Sign Up. 
    Optional contact info 

  1. If you accidentally signup for the wrong job, or later discover you can't work a job, select the job and click Remove Signup. You can do this up until 11:59pm of the Job Signup Deadline at the top of the page. 

  1. You may click Print My Job Signup Summary near the top for a handy reference of all the jobs you signed up for. 
    Job Signup info  

What to Expect at a swim meet  

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your warm-up time to find your teammates 

  • Look for your coach for directions on warm-up 

  • After warm-up is over, dry off and wait until you event is called 

  • You will be given a heat sheet, which lists all events in order, find your name, what heat you are in and what lane or you could be given index card with your name, what event you are swimming, what heat you are in and what lane you are in.  You will give this card to the timer at your lane to trach your time 

  • When you event is called go to lane # indicated on your card, give card to time and prepare to swim 

  • If you are diving off the block you will stand behind the block until announcer instructs you to get ready 

  • Announcer will say take your mark and you will hear one loud Beep, that is your indication to start your swim 

  • Once your event is complete stay in the pool until instructed to exit 

  • After exiting the pool be sure to find your coach to go over your swim, they will give you feedback 

  • Keep in mind your next event number and pay close attention to the announcer, in order not to miss your event. 

Once your events are over you can choose to stay and cheer on your fellow teammates or you are free to leave.