Please stop by the United Swim Club swimming pool to take a swim testSign-up is required. A general requirement to join our competitive year-round program is to be able to swim 25 freestyle non-stop with bilateral breathing pattern. A typical age to join is 5-8 y.o.

Participation in swim meets is required for year-round program members. 

What do I need to bring to the pool? Please bring goggles, swimsuit and a towel to the pool. It's also recommended to have a swim cap if your child has long hair. We also can provide USC swim cap at the pool (15$)

What happens next? After the test coaches will recommend you one of the groups to join. Simply click on "Year-round program registration" on the main page and follow the steps adding your personal information first and then adding your child's information (member). Please give us up to 48 hours to approve your account and wait until you receive an email with login info.

What if my swimmer doesn't pass the test? Depending on the season we will have different swim lessons options to bring your child to the requirements level. You will be able to discuss that with coaches or by contacting us via email


If you aren't looking or simply not ready just yet for a competitive swimming we also offer group, semi-private and individual lessons year-round. Please contact Head Coach Sveta Khakhlova or Pavel Sankovich for more info on coaches availability [email protected]