As members of a year-round program, all swimmers are expected to train all year-round. Our pool is heated and stays the same 82 degrees during the winter, however, it feels a little bit warmer due to air vs water temperature difference.

We understand that it could be very hard to convince your 8 y.o. to jump in the pool when it's 50 degrees outside, but, we can promise you, it usually feels so good being in the pool 10 minutes later that it would be hard to get them out. At very young age especially attendance is crucial for a smooth progress of your swimmers. It requires commitment, simple time management skills and a little bit of willpower. Often these abilities will set them up for the future success.

It is also very important to take precautions and follow simple steps to stay healthy during the winter season:

1. Take a hot shower. Locker rooms are available for USC year-round program swimmers and we advise to use them during winter months.

2. Dry off and change. Please never leave the pool wearing your wet training suit during winter. Also, make sure your back, hair and ears completely dry before leaving the locker rooms. Tie up your hair if needed.

3. Dress accordingly: have your hat, gloves, sweatpants and parka ready.

4. Support your immune system through a healthy diet and consider taking vitamins when needed.