Each family will be contacted via email with meet announcements as they are posted on the website  The timing of this initial email varies by meet host, as we have to wait for their meet packet to be posted to the Florida Swimming website.  This email will also be sent again several days prior to the meet entry deadline posted on our web site. 

You must log-in to the web site and select the meet, then click on "Attend this event" to declare your swimmers intent to swim.  Sometimes the meet file allows for you to pick days or sessions at the meet as well.  If there is no option for declaring days, please use the notes section to communicate your desire to swim only on certain days of the meet.  Otherwise, your swimmer will be signed up to swim on all days. This must be done prior to the deadline we have posted on our web site.  If you have any changes or deletions after your initial intent to swim, please email our Head Coach to make her aware of those changes.

Our team's entry deadline on our web site will be typically be 10 days prior to the meet host's entry deadline. This helps ensure that we get everyone into the meet that would like to swim, as some of them fill-up and cannot take any additional entries.

Once the host's entry deadline has passed, all swimmers still entered are responsible for meet entry fees, regardless of their participation.