Become an Official!

One of the best ways to show your children that you support their swimming is to become a Certified Official.  There are many benefits of becoming an official: You will be on deck with a great view of the swim meet, you will have access to the meet's Hospitality room, you will gain a further understanding of the sport, you will fulfill your volunteer requirements at home swim meets, and you will help to support United States Swimming.

Non-Athlete Registration Form - Bring to one of the coaches, KSA covers the cost of becoming an official.

USA Swimming Official's Page - This is where you will sign up and take your Official's Test. You can also get more information about becoming and maintaining your Stroke and Turn position, as well as how to become a Starter, Judge, or Meet Referee.  This page will be VERY helpful to you!

Florida Swimming Official's Page - This will be an important page for you to visit on a regular basis. You can find all of the forms and documents for the Official's clinics on this page as well as get updates from our Area 2 Rep.