Florida Swimming
Level 2

We are happy to finally be bringing you Florida Elite Diving!

Who we are: 

We are the next program in our FE expansion! As a diving club, we are looking to represent Florida Elite in USA Diving  

Program Goals:

Our goal is to bring and establish and maintain an elite diving program to Pasco and surrounding counties. We want to develop the next generation of divers for the future with our developmental programs, and instill interest and education in the sport of diving. Ultimiately, we aim to bring diving into the North Tampa area to a state level and eventually a national level. 

What we're looking for: 

We're looking for athletes ages 8 and up that are looking to challenge themselves in a new enviorment. We encourage athletes that are not afraid to try new things and also aren't afraid to learn from failure. With the right guidance and our proper preparation, progress will continue to thrive, but diving is 60% mental.

Prior sports like gymnastics, dance/cheer, synchro, trampoline, etc. are higly encouraged for an easier transition, but diving is a sport for anyone and everyone that's brave enough to try! 



Contact Coach Anjel at [email protected] to schedule an evaluation for group placement, and/or private lessons! 



Groups and prices

FE Diving Practice Groups 

  • An FE Annual Registration Fee of $100 will be billed $25 at registration and then quarterly each season.
  • $5 Discount on the 3rd athlete regisered
  • $10 discount on the 4th and 5th athlete registered.
Group Name  Description Monthly Price

Elite 1 


U18 Competitive group $125 

Elite 2 


U18 Development $125

Advanced 1


U14 Competitive group  $115

Avanced 2 


U14 Development $115

Little Warriors 1


Beginners group, more developed, begining to advance in LW2 and preparing a transition to Advanced groups.  $105
Little Warriors 2

Beginners group. New to diving, learning the basic movements and understanding the board, entries, basic dives 


HS Lessons 


High School Divers wanting practices before or during HS season.  $110

Private Lessons


Must register with Florida Elite to be able to schedule private lesson packages. Do not expire. 

Private Lesson packages paid seperately.



Phone & Fax
3032 Collier Pkwy
Land O' Lakes, FL 34639