Florida Swimming
Level 2

Florida Elite Swimming Masters Program

Program Details:

Florida Elite offers a year-round swimming opportunity for adults.  Masters are welcome to use the pool space for lap swimming or other aquatic exercise.  Each day, there is a workout set designed for our youth competitive swim groups that is also available for our Masters members to follow.

Our outdoor facility offers a heated pool in the winter and chilled pool in the summer.  The lane length is 25 yards with competitive starting blocks and non-turbulent lane lines.

Masters Swimming Fees:

  • Annual Registration Fee of $100 will be billed $25 per quarter
  • Masters Swimming Annual Fee of $49 paid directly to US Masters Swimming
  • $35 per month
    • All monthly fees are drawn by auto draft from your Florida Elite Swimming account. Account can be accessed through www.swimelite.org with your personal login and password

Masters Swim Schedule:

Winter/Spring 2020/21 (Ends May 30):

Monday: 515-630 AM; 845-1045 AM; 730-830 PM
Tuesday: 515-630 AM; 845-1015 AM; 700-800 PM
Wednesday: 645-815 PM
Thursday: 845-1015 AM; 730-830 PM
Friday: 515-645 AM; 845-1045 AM; 630-730 PM

Summer months (Begins May 31):

Wednesday:  300PM - 700PM
Friday:  830AM - 1030AM
Saturday:  800AM - 1030AM

Additionally, Masters may attend the Lap Swim hours open to the public for no additional fee. Masters may also attend Open Swim hours, but a lane with circle swimming is not guarunteed. You can find the Public Swim schedule here.

How to Join US Masters Swimming:

  • Go to www.usms.org
  • Click “Join Now”
  • Scroll to “Create a New Account”

How to join Florida Elite Swimming:

Updated May 1, 2021