Florida Swimming
Level 2

Florida Elite Swimming is committed to the safety of our athletes in and out of the water.  USA Swimming adoped MAAPP-Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy to aid in the education, prevention and reporting of abuse of athletes.  In become a member family of Florida Elite Swimming, you have already read and agreed to abide by these policies. 

Click here to review FE's MAAPP.

How to report a violation of MAAPP:

Darcee Redding, FE's Aquatics Director, is our team's SafeSport Club Coordinator and our contact for MAAPP violations. Please contact her confidentially at [email protected] or 813-279-5445 ext. 3.  We will follow a set protocal for investigating and handling any behaviour a swimmer or family member finds concerning.

You may contact USA Swimming directly with your concern as well.

Please review the USA Swimming Safe Sport Best Practices.

Each member of our FE family is bound by our Code of Conduct.  Please review this code with your athlete and any member of your family that is involved with FE.

Athlete Code of Conduct

Updated 12.28.21