Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 300

A Note From the Coach

Leonard Kraus

Hello Makos and Happy New Year!!!


We have a busy winter and spring season coming and I wanted to cover some our most important issues:

  1.  With the new registration system USA Swimming implemented this past September we have been in communication with our members about completing this process.  There are still more than a handful of families that have not registered.  Please do so as soon as possible, it is important for everyone involved with this team.  

  2. Small Team Champs; it is the 18th and 19th of February and we need everyone to swim, volunteer and be a part of this great and fun meet!  It is one of two meets we host and the best opportunity for ALL our Makos to swim a meet.  All makos’ families can sign up to volunteer for the meet and the swimmers can pick your events.  Please get started with this process, it is under the ‘Event Schedule’ on our main page.

  3. Swim-A-Thon; it will be in April with the exact date and our goal to come early next week.  We exceeded our goal last year so let's do that 2 years in a row!  The money raised will go toward buying a new timing consul for our timing system. 

  4. Sunshine State Games (June 2-4th);  This is the second and biggest meet we host each year and we will get out plenty of information in the coming months for everyone but this is the meet that we expect each family to volunteer.  Mark your calendars!!!  The Volunteer fee that was charged to you in January will be credited back to your account for July if your family does its 3 sessions of volunteering.  

  5. We have 3 parents that are working to become officials!!! To those parents, please try to attend the ATAC meet (bring blue pants and white shirt) so you can plan to work some apprentice hours and Thank you!  You will also be able to work the Small Team Champs meet we are hosting.  If you are interested in becoming an official IT IS NOT TO LATE!  We need you.  Contact Coach Leonard at 304-360-3478 or reply to this email.  


I want to thank the Lian family for a generous donation that we are using to renovate the team shed at the NE Pool, construction will start in early Feb and hopefully get done before Small Team Champs (fingers crossed).  This renovation will allow us an easier time of setting up and putting up touch pads, add more storage, give each swimmer their own large cubby for their equipment and many other things.  So thank you all so much for your generosity!!! 


Make sure you are ordering your team gear and team meet suits for our Arena rep on our website.  


Now for the quote from the note:  

“Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart.” -Anonymous


Take care and GO Makos!