Florida Swimming
Level 3
Excellence 300



Swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool in both free and backstroke and know either breaststroke or dolphin kick.   The groups goal is to continue learning proper stroke technique, increase their endurance, learn both breastsroke and butterfly, start to learn the protocall/nueanses/rules of the sport like; "reading the clock", circle swimming & proper turns and hand touches while still having fun and being engaged.

Swimmers are more advanced in stroke technique and endurance. The team's goal in this group is to start introducing the more competitive side to swimming. Swimmers usually start attending more swim meets and start to gain a broader view of what swimming has to offer. More emphasis is placed on the endurance training, but technique and fun will still be incorporated. 

Swimmers in this group have mastered the basic stroke techniques and drill progressions for all four competitive strokes as well as the starts and turns for each stroke. Interval and dry land training are added at this level and swimmers continue to work on endurance training so they are prepared when they are ready to make the commitment to train with the Platinum Sharks. They are expected to compete in all home meets and Championship meets in which they qualify


This group is offered to more advanced swimmers who plan to swim competitively, and are willing to make the additional time commitment suggested for this group by invitation of the senior coach. Swimmers will start to learn different racing strategies, in-depth stroke technique, high endurance training, and many other advanced aspects of competitive swimming. Swimmers are expected to attend all home meets and the end of the season Championship meets as well as one meet per month unless prearrangements are made with their coach. 

This group is for swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique and/or their conditioning level, but desire a more flexible training environment with less focus on required time commitments. The group’s main goal is to teach proper stroke technique and train on a higher level than one can achieve on their own or by swimming with the area high school teams. This group is expected to swim all home meets and encouraged to compete in meets and offers another step for swimmers ultimately interested in progressing to the senior group.

The most advanced group offered by the Makos swim team is the Senior group. This group is only for the serious, dedicated, and advanced swimmer. These swimmers are expected to attend the end of the season Championship meets as well as additional local, state, and national meets set by the head coach. The main goal for this group is to train at an elite level and possibly move on to swim in college. Offered to swimmers high school age and older, as well as some advanced middle school swimmers willing to meet the time commitment requirements, by invitation of the senior coach.