NBT Parent Volunteer Responsibilities

Each family is responsible for volunteering a minimum of four (3) swim meet shifts during the swim season (June - July). If you can’t make the shift you have signed up for, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. It is not the responsibility of the NBT Volunteer Coordinator. Family volunteer requirements must be completed by or at the final Champs meet weekend. If you do you not meet this requirement, your swimmer(s) will not be able to participate in Champs weekend or the end of year party. Please do not wait until the end of the season to complete all your volunteering over the Champs weekend because the Volunteer Coordinator cannot guarantee that you will be able to complete all your hours in that weekend.

Volunteer sign-ups for each meet will open 2 weeks prior, along with Meet Registrations (for swimmers). A list with descriptions of the volunteer jobs can be found here, on our NBT Facebook Page, and our team website. All volunteers must sign the Volunteer Liability and Release and Indemnification Form prior to participating in any type of volunteer activity. In addition, any volunteer that will serve 20 or more hours will be required to have a background check The NBT will pay for this $5 processing fee. Please remember that volunteer positions are a vital part of running successful swim meets, which directly relates to the success of our team as a whole.

The following positions require training and a background check and are suggested positions for parents who have a swimming background or who's children have participated in competitive swimming for at least one previous season:  Computer Operator, Stroke and Turn, Starter, HMO.

Swim Meet Volunteer List and Responsibilities 

Head Meet Official – HMO - Please contact NBT Volunteer Coordinator. You must attend a training clinic to volunteer for this position 

Announcer - Announces the upcoming events so that the clerk of the course and ready bench helpers can place the swimmers in the correct lanes. Communication with the Ready Bench Area and Clerk of Course as well as Starter is a must so that the announcer knows which events to call. First, make sure the timers are ready. Second, call the next heat to get on the blocks. Third, announce which event is beginning. Fourth, let starter know okay to start the race.

Starter – (Home Meets Only) Starts each heat with starting system, involves detailed coordination with Announcer.  Must attend training clinic to volunteer for this position.

Computer Operator – (Home Meets Only) The computer operator will enter individual times for each competitor. Once all results are entered, a copy of the results will be printed for display and provide a copy of results for each coach. This position requires familiarity with basic PC operations.  Must attend training clinic to volunteer for this position.

Computer Assistant – (Home Meets Only) Helps collect the time cards from the runners (when not doing other duties) and delivers them to the computer operator for input. Also posts the scores (hang up the results) and generally assist the computer operator.

Colorado Timing System –(Home Meets Only) Responsible for setup and takedown of the timing system as well as running the timing system during home meets. Provides the swimmers times to the computer operator.  Required training with NBT Head Coach to learn setup/takedown and the equipment.

Stroke & Turn Officials - Will observe the performance of each swimmer and ensure compliance with the rules of swimming as they apply to each competitive stroke. This person will turn infractions and report disqualifications to the computer operator. Additional training is provided and required. Must attend training clinic to volunteer for this position.

Timers - There will be two timers in each lane (one from each team). One will have a clipboard and pencil to write times on the timing list. Raise your hand if you are ready when the Starter has asked, “Timers ready?” Stop the watch whenever the swimmer touches the wall.

Lead Timer – Responsible for having back up stop watches in case a lane timer misses the start.

Time Runners - Runners gather the timing lists from the timers after every 2-3 races. Runners give the completed cards to the Computer Operator and/or Computer Assistant.

Water Runners – Bring volunteers cold water throughout the meet and re-fill any of the coolers that are placed around the pool deck for volunteers/coaching staff.

Meet Marshall - Maintain flow of traffic in your assigned area. Make sure only authorized people are moving beyond the ropes in your area.

Heat Ribbon Distribution - Distributes heat winner ribbons to the swimmer who comes in first in the event. Watching each event carefully is important – if it is very, very, close then the timers cards must be consulted for times and if a winner can still not be determined then ribbons can be distributed to both winning swimmers. “When in doubt, hand them out!”

Meet Ribbons – Labels will be printed by Head Coach after the swim meets. Put the label on the appropriate “place” ribbon for each swimmer. Group all ribbons for the same swimmer together and put them in the respective swimmer’s folder in the filing boxes. If a swimmer does not “place” then a Super Swimmer ribbon will be awarded, for 8 and under swimmers. This position is filled by 1 volunteer and counts as 1 shift per meet. This job can be done at the pool deck or at home.

Set-Up Crew - Sets up the pool area to be ready for the swim meet. This can be done the night before and completed one hour before the visiting team arrives and warm-ups begin. This includes ready bench area, lane lines, backstroke flags, announcer/starter area and equipment, roping off, setting up chairs behind pool, popping up tents and placing in appropriate areas, etc.

Breakdown Crew - At the end of the meet return pool to pre-meet conditions, including removing all trash to the dumpster, placing pool furniture back into correct positions, checking the area for trash, etc.

​Positions requiring training are listed below:

Computer Operator

Stroke and Turn