Florida Swimming
Level 1

About NFS / Team Info


In May 2011, we were excited to announce Coach Mel Nash as head coach.  NFS has become widely known as a quality swim program, and under the direction of Coach Mel Nash, is poised to become one of the top teams in Florida Swimming.

Team Philosophy

  The philosophy of North Florida Swimming is to provide age-appropriate training and excellent stroke technique at every level in a safe and fun swimming environment, helping swimmers reach their highest potential.  

Vision Statement

  The vision is to empower young people to be champions in life through excellence.

Mission Statement

  The mission is to build the best and most comprehensive swimming program by promoting excellence at all levels, retaining quality staff, fostering outstanding volunteer support and encouraging every individual to achieve the highest levels of personal development.


  1. To nurture young swimmers at every age group and develop their individual potential and help them be the best they can be.
  2. To allow young swimmers to develop as far as their dreams will take them.
  3. To teach young swimmers the process of achieving. To encourage them to dream big, help them set realistic goals, promote a strong work ethic, provide support when they struggle, and inspire them to perservere until they succeed.
  4. To provide a level of coaching that will lead to the development of world class swimmers, should they aspire, while at the same time allowing beginning swimmers to develop character, self-confidence, and a love for the sport of swimming in an atmosphere of caring and consideration.
  5. To encourage parents to actively support both their child and the program on a whole, realizing that their personal investment is a key ingredient to a young person’s success in any endeavor.
  6. Keep swimming fun!
  7. Provide swimmers with workouts that will benefit cardiovascular fitness and overall health.

NFS Pride

  As a team, North Florida Swimming has good reason to be proud.  Our team has a dedicated group of coaches who coach a talented group of swimmers that qualify for the highest levels of competition.  These swimmers have awesome parents whose financial and volunteer support is among the best in the US.  So congratulations on being a coach, swimmer and parent for one of the best swim teams!