Florida Swimming
Level 1


Holly Oaks Pool, 11210 McCormick Road


Please see practice schedule for more details.

Below is an outline of the rules Coach Mel and the Parent Advisory Committee believe are most important:


  • Swimmers should keep their swim equipment organized along the entry to the pool, making sure there is always a clear walk way along the pool deck.  

  • Parents are responsible for picking up swimmers immediately after each practice.

  • Parents/Relatives/Friends of NFS swimmers must behave in a manner that complies with USA Swimming Code of Conduct.  Parents are responsible for monitoring the behavior of siblings not in the water at practice.  Coaches control the pool deck.  Please obey any command they may give at once without comment.

  • Parents/Relatives/Friends may watch practice from the bleachers or bring folding chairs.

  • Locker rooms are for changing and showering.  Do not congregate in the locker rooms.  Toilet stalls are not to be used as changing areas.  NFS swimmers are not permitted to use lockers or leave equipment in locker rooms during practice.

  • Holly Oaks does not furnish equipment for NFS swimmers.  Please furnish your own equipment. Please contact Coach Erin to order the equipment appropriate for your group.  [email protected]

  • For the health and safety of all, swimmers who are sick should not practice.  Swimmers with open wounds are not permitted in the water.