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  • $25.00 per student for Learn to Swim Beginner, Learn to Swim Intermediate, Stroke School Group Lessons Stroke School 1, Stroke School Group Lessons Stroke School 2, Stroke School Group Lessons Stroke School 3, Adult Adult Learn to Swim Level 1, Private Lessons Private Lessons
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Nash SwimAmerica Jacksonville

We teach you how to swim - Well!

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We teach you how to swim - Well! Our program for ages 6 months to adults is based on excellent technique and a fun, progressive method of teaching. We want our students to learn to swim well and to love the water! We offer competitive athlete stroke analysis and technique lessons and beginning swimming plus all the levels in between. Learn-to-swim classes are 30 minutes long and we suggest registering for at least 2 classes per week (8 per month).



Group LessonPricing

Group lessons are $20 per class.  Minimum sign up is 4 lessons. 

Registration Fee

$25 per child.


Swim Lesson Levels

Baby and Me:  Babies love the water! We create an enjoyable, fun 20-minute class of water games, singing, and activities with parents, babies, and instructor all in the pool together. Ages 6 months to 3 years old. Our small group classes focus on creating a positive water experience so that your child develops a love of the water and is receptive and eager to learn. 

Learn-To-Swim: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced 

30-minute class for ages 3 - 18. We build on skills appropriate for each level from learning to go underwater to learning to swim strokes and then perfecting those strokes. We teach water safety skills and treading water and we exercise the legs to create strong swimmers. When ready, we add breaststroke and butterfly.

Stroke Technique classes:  30-minute class for a small group. Students will learn proper body position, stroke technique and breathing with a concentration on good freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. 

Adult LessonsIt is never too late to learn to swim! Our director is patient and successful in working with adults who want to learn how to swim, or to learn better strokes. You may join a current class or we welcome small groups who wish to form a class of 3-5 swimmers. Private lessons are also offered. You CAN learn how to overcome long-held fears about the water.

Private lessons all ages: $45 with our trained staff. 30 minute classes.


Competitive Athletes Private Technique Sessions: Private lessons can be booked with our Director or our Head Coach.  Our director, Carol Nash, is a highly experienced stroke expert who works with competitive athletes, master swimmers and triathletes. Our Head Coach, Mel Nash, is a renowned stroke technique expert whose students have competed in 10 of the last 11 Olympic games.




For Private competitive lessons email directly to:

[email protected]


Competitive Stroke Analysis and Technique lessons:

Head Coach Mel Nash:$150 (1 hour). 

Lessons Director Carol Nash: $120 (1 hour).