Florida Swimming
Level 1

Parents are important members of NFS

NFS recognizes and appreciates the dedication and time commitment of swimming parents. Parents are an integral part of the NFS team organization. Your support of your swimmer, your coaches, and the team are part of the NFS team’s success.

Our great team has the goals of providing a highly successful swim team experience that is safe, fun and technique-based with age-appropriate training. Wondering how you can help?

  • Become a USA Swimming Official https://www.usaswimming.org/officials/how-to-become-an-official

  • Help with planning groups for:
    • Meets
      • Computer programming and operation
      • Food Service and Concessions
      • Timing
      • Volunteer coordinator
    • Advertising
    • Team Events
      • Birthday Parties
      • Banquets
      • Team Socials
    • Awards
    • Apparel
    • Greeters
    • Travel

Express your interest in any of these or tell us of a special skill you have by emailing us at the "Contact Us" tab on the left menu.

Here are more important ways to be be an excellent NFS swim parent:

  • Be on Time and prepared
    • Bring your child to work out on time
    • Bring all equipment and swim suit
    • Provide the correct and appropriate gear for your swimmer
  • Observe workout etiquette
    • Sit on patio, lawn or on the bleachers. Keep the deck clear.
    • Workout is for swimmers and coaches. Do not talk to or engage with your child during workout
    • Save questions for coaches for after or before workout  or you may send an email
  • Pay your swim fees on time.
  • Be courteous to pool staff and other patrons of the pool
  • Use our facility gently and with respect
  • Good Sportsmanship is expected toward NFS swimmers and parents and coaches, and toward other competitors.

This list may be updated from time to time. Thank you for reading and for helping!