Florida Swimming
Level 1

Swim Officials Committee – This committee is charged with recruiting and training team parents to become certified USA Swimming Officials.  This is required for hosting meets.

Code of Conduct Committee – This committee will have two sections.  The first will include swimmers and coaches.  The second will include parents and coaches.  These committees will hear all Code of Conduct violations and determine the outcome.  Selection to this committee will be made by Coach Dave.

Social Committee – This committee is charged with providing opportunities for each group and the team as a whole for interacting with each other away from the pool.  Fun activities should be planned that are inclusive and promote team bonding across the age groups and a positive experience.

Group Liaison Committee - One representative from each group will be charged with representing his/her group at PAC meetings.  That parent will also be responsible for bringing concerns before the Parent Advisory Committee.

  • Senior. Liaison Representative
  • Green Liaison Representative
  • Blue Liaison Representative
  • Red Liaison Representative

Fundraising Committee – This group is tasked with raising money – aside from normal dues and Family Commitment Fees – for North Florida Swimming.  This group may include several sub-committees such as Swim-A-Thon and business partner sponsorships.

Registration Committee – This committee will be responsible for conducting seasonal registration, preparing registration packets and keeping current with registration requirements.

Apparel Committee – This committee will help with selecting, ordering, and distributing swimsuits, swim caps, and equipment for NFS.

Banquet Committee – This committee will be in charge of our annual NFS Swim Banquet.  They will select the venue, set the menu, develop the agenda and theme, work with the Awards Committee, and host the banquet.

Awards Committee – This committee will put together treat bags for swimmers who have qualified for state championship meets such as Junior Olympics and Senior Championships, or for national level meets such as Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals and Olympic Trials.  This committee will also be charged with handling awards when NFS hosts swim meets, the NFS Banquet, record breakers and high point awards.

Go for the Gold Committee – This committee will be charged with administering this incentive program.

Hotel Reservations Committee – This committee will make reservations for a block of rooms for team travel meets.

Communication Committee – This committee works to develop and enhance team communication through timely emails, newsletter and the NFS web site.