About Us

The Flagler County Synchro Belles Team was started in 2000 by Isabella Vasconcellos, a group of swimmers and their parents.  Initially the team was structured as a "class" under the Flagler County Adult Education Program.  The club was formed and named after the Facility, the Southern Belles, headcoach's name and for the Latin translation of Belles to mean "beautiful".  Coach Isabella is a former competitive speed swimmer that also has synchronized swimming experience from Brazil.  She has won numerous events in her career.  She brings her years of experience to this team and has utilized her talents to establish a nationally ranked competitive team. Here are some of the Belles accomplishments:

Our Mission

The Synchro Belles strive to compete locally, regionally and nationally.  The goal of the team is to promote the health and growth of its athletes through participation in team training and competition.  Each member is expected to learn and improve several skills including swim techniques, teamwork, responsibility, and sportsmanship in an environment of dedicated effort and fun.

Phone & Fax
4845 Belle Terre Parkway, Suite C8
Palm Coast, FL 32164