Synchro Meet Checklist

Below is a list of items and reminders in order to prepare for an upcoming synchronized swimming competitive meet.  Please refer to the Synchro Belles Handbook  for a detailed description of the synchronized swimming "Competitive Season" (Section 13.0; beginning on page 30).  It features: meet schedule, registration, knoxing technique, and an extensive overview of the entire meet process.

 ***** Remove nail polish and all jewelry *****


  1. Bathing Suits: Black Figure Suit, Routine SuitsPink Belles Practice Suit (rinse out chlorine from suits with water immediately after meet)
  2. 2 Caps: Belles pink practice cap  & white cap for figures
  3. Goggles
  4. Nose Clips (2-3)
  5. Knox Gelatin (1 box)
  6. Coffee mug to heat water in microwave for knoxing
  7. Wooden Stirrers
  8. Disposable cups, to mix Knox in
  9. Paint brush to apply Knox
  10. Bobby Pins (a lot)
  11. Hair nets
  12. Hair brush & comb
  13. Hair bands/black rubber bands
  14. Routine Head Pieces
  15. Waterproof makeup
  16. Towels: at least 3-4
  17. Dry change of clothes
  18. Team Uniform and T-shirt
  19. Parka
  20. Flip Flops
  21. Water Bottle
  22. Sunscreen
  23. Water/Juices
  24. Healthy Snacks
  25. Umbrella
  26. Hats
  27. Folding Chairs
  28. Cooler
  29. Cash
  30. Plastic bags for wet towels/suits
  31. Camera