Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
Coaching Staff
Carolyne Vasconcellos

Head Coach 

Carolyne has been a part of the Belles since day one 20 years ago. She continued her mother's legacy in 2018 being named head coach. She is a 4 time National champion and a division 1 All American athlete. She lives in Orlando, but travels to practices in both training facilities.

Yasmin Daiha

Oviedo - Coach 

Yasmin was the first coach that was asked to be a part of the Oviedo branch of the Belles. She has trained all of the girls since their first year and
plans on continuing on till their last. She was a part of the team that won 2nd place at Nationals in 2016.


Isabella Vasconcellos

Isabella is the founder of the Belles. We can easily take over an entire page with her accomplishments
alone! Multiple National team swimmers, collegiate athletes, and state titles. She also won Coach of the year in 2008. She is continuously
mentoring Carolyne throughout the transition.

Kristina Gordon

Kristina has been with the Belles for 12 years. She swam for 10 and now is on her second year of coaching.
Kristina has had much success in state championships as well as regionally! Kristina will be the head of the Intermediate swimmers this

Samile Daiha

Samile has been in the sport for 10 years. In the swimming days, her first gold medal at nationals was when
she was part of the Belles Team in 2016. She was part of multiple National training camps where she was able to train with some of the
most well-known coaches in Synchronized Swimming.

Alexandra McMillin

Lexi has been with the team for 11 years. She was part of the combo in 2015 that won 2nd place at Nationals. Lexi dedicates her time
to coaching as well as juggling another job and being a full-time student at the University of Central Florida.

Board of Directors
Tom Kline President
Kris McCabe-Kline Vice President
Dima Nosenko Treasurer
Alex DiFatta Social Media Secretary
Kate Anderson
Greg Anderson
Kimberly Restrepo
Melissa Rector