Level 1: Bubbles and Floating 

Swimmers in this group are comfortable in the water. The participants will practice putting their face in the water and blowing with their mouths and noses as well as floating on the stomach and back. They will also practice flutter kick with assistance. Floating on back. 


Level 2: Streamline Kicking and Safety Swim 

Swimmers in this group can kick on their own and understand how to blow bubbles. Participants will begin learning to kick in a streamline as well as roll on their back from kicking. Participants will float on the stomach and back for at least 10 seconds without assistance. 


Level 3: Freestyle and Backstroke 

Swimmers in this group can kick/swim 5 yards without assistance. Participants will continue to practice blowing bubbles, breathing and streamline while using their arms for freestyle and backstroke. 


Classes are available for participants 3 years and up that are unable to complete 25 yards of any style.

Program will resume in March 2020. 

For questions or to be placed on an email list regarding Intro to Swim, please email [email protected] or [email protected]