Training Groups 

Rockets Swimming offers 5 training groups as part of our year-round swim program. Each training group has its own reuirement and age restrictions. When assigning training groups, our coaching staff takes in consideration both skill level and age. 

Juniors: This is an introductory group for the swim team. Participants have "graduated" from swim lessons but still need additional work on fundamental stroke technique and/or stamina.

Age-Group:  The participants (ages 7 - 13) are grouped by levels. Participants will continue to work on stroke technique and endurance. Swimmers will work on goal setting, interval training and racing.

Pre-Senior:  This group (ages 13 - 15) will focus on interval training as well as stroke technique and race pace.

Senior: This group (ages 14 - 21) focus on individual seasonal goals. The participants are grouped by levels to enhance training sessions.

National: This group (Ages 14- 21) strives to achieve national level time standards.