CVST Secret Swimmer!

Jim Kelly
Mar 12, 2019

CVST "Secret" Swimmer


For all of you swimmers participating in the Boys and Girls Club National Championships, download and fill out the form below and turn it in to Coach Emma. Later, you’ll get another swimmer’s sheet and get to surprise them with some of their favorite things and learn a little bit more about your teammate! But SHHHHHHHHHHHH, it’s "SECRET", a surprise!  You’ll get your gift at the Boys and Girls Club Nationals Team Practice and get to give away yours to your Secret Swimmer!  For more information see Coach Emma before or after practice

Important Info & Timeline

The limit is $10.00.

Return your form by Monday, March 25th, at practice. 

Coaches will assign Secret Swimmers on Wednesday, March 27th.

You will bring your Secret Swimmer Gift to the BGNat's Practice on April 3rd.

You will receive you Secret Swimmer Gift at the BGNat's Dinner on April 3rd.

Click Here  to Download Secret Swimmer Form.