USA Swimming Covered Activities Update

Jim Kelly
USA Swimming Covered Activities Update
To Zone Directors, LSC General Chairs and LSC staff
Many of you have had questions about insurance and providing online instruction to your athletes. Below you will find a link to a document that answers some basic questions about insurance coverage. Additionally, we would like to offer practical advice for those of you trying to maintain your connection with your athletes.
First and foremost, all Safe Sport policies, including MAAPP, apply and remain paramount. 
Second, with regards to providing remote workouts to your athletes, please understand that our insurance is designed to provide coverage when a USA Swimming coach is instructing line-of-sight supervised activities with athletes. If you are providing online instruction to your athletes in order to continue to collect dues and keep your team viable, this is a different business model. Our insurance does not cover this model. In this case, you move into the realm of a “Peloton” or other online resources. With that in mind, we urge you to work with your local legal resources to develop the appropriate disclaimers and additional operational requirements (every state has different regulations).
Finally, we pledge to continue to explore ways to assist, identify local and national resources, as well as work with our partners to help facilitate some of these changes in operation.
Please kindly share the provided resource with your club contacts and head coaches.
Thank you.