CCC - Independence Day Celebration

Jim Kelly

CCC - Independence Day Celebration

Dear Carrollwood Country Club Members,

We are writing to you regarding Carrollwood Country Club’s Annual Independence Day Celebration to announce its postponement to Sunday, October 25th.  With the continued uncertainty surrounding the Country, the State, and our Club centering on the
COVID-19 pandemic, and reopening the Country and States in their entirety, we believe this is the most prudent course of action to take.

We do not anticipate large crowds of people being permitted to congregate together by the end of June, and we feel it is in the best health interest for everyone because we all know this event draws over 5,000 participants annually.  In addition, this event takes a great deal of time and planning to execute:  securing the multiple food vendors, advanced ordering of supplies required, securing the vendors for the firework display and carnival games, as well as enlisting the services of health care, fire, and police personnel who we employ for safety during the event.

We believe that moving this very special event to the end of October will prove to be the most beneficial course of action.  Our intent is to treat this as a Fall Celebration as the calendar moves towards the Holiday Season. This event will be a celebration of the United States of America and our community having navigated through the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and returning to normal daily life, in whatever form that proves to be in late October.

As you all know, each Membership is charged a non-refundable mandatory fee for this event. Please rest assured that the Club will not charge your Membership account until the month the event takes place.

We will keep you updated as the date approaches.

Bob Foster, PGA
General Manager