Florida Swimming Sanctioning - August

Jim Kelly
Florida Swimming Sanctioning - August
Hello Florida Swimming!
The most recent update from USA-Swimming for sanctioning in August includes: 
  • LSCs will be limited to the sanctioning of meets comprised only of athletes and clubs registered within the LSC.*
  • There will be no restrictions on the use of times
(*A club, geographically isolated within their LSC, may be granted the opportunity to compete in an adjacent LSC with permission from both the club’s LSC and the adjacent LSC.)
Florida Swimming can sanction duals, intra squads, virtual and small invitational meets – all meets must conform to facility restrictions and to local, state, and federal public health guidelines. 
If you require National Times to be uploaded to SWIMS please be aware the Officials requirements. This is any update to the previously posted FL Meet Guidelines.
Florida Swimming requires a minimum of 6 official positions to be filled - the MR, 4 deck positions (DR, SR & 2 S&T) and an AO and that the MR (as either AO or DR) & Starter (as either S&T or AO) can serve in two positions if needed.