IMPORTANT: MAAPP Requirements for CVST Team Members and Parents

Jim Kelly
IMPORTANT:  MAAPP Requirements for CVST Team Members and Parents
Dear CVST Parent's,
USA Swimming’s and CVST's top priority continues to be keeping our athletes safe. No form of abuse, including child sexual abuse, has a place in our sport. As a part of our continued commitment to safeguarding our athletes, USA Swimming and all Member Clubs, like CVST, have enacted enhancements to our Safe Sport policy and education requirements.
The U.S. Center for SafeSport (“the Center”), the separate, independent, organization that oversees all sexual misconduct reports in the Olympic and Paralympic Movement created the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies to set a baseline for acceptable safety standards that limit one-on-one interactions between adults and minor athletes.
The Center urged all National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to add restrictions tailored to fit the sport. On April 29, 2019, USA Swimming released its Minor Athlete Protection Policy (MAAPP) addressing one-on-one interactions, social media and electronic communications, travel: local and team, locker rooms and changing areas and massages, rubdowns and athletic training modalities.  They continue to update and add to these policies.  All USA Swimming member clubs were required to implement MAAPP in full by June 23, 2019.
Please read the policy below along with the educational resources, to assist you in understanding MAAPP.
Training our members in abuse prevention and mandatory reporting is just as important as creating policies. USA Swimming and CVST are required to provide regular and consistent training for all adults who interact with and have direct contact with minor athletes, including adult athletes. Starting June 23, 2019, as a condition of membership, all athlete members ages 18 and over must complete Athlete Protection Training.   
Also as part of MAAPP, parents must acknowledge that they have received, read and understood the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy and/or that the Policy has been explained to them or their family. They must further acknowledge and understand that agreeing to comply with the contents of this Policy is a condition of your membership with the Carrollwood Village Swim Team, (USA Swimming member club).
Click Here to download a copy of the CVST / MAAPP Acknowledgement Form along with a copy of MAAPP,
All CVST Parent's must sign and return the CVST / MAAPP Acknowledgement Form, to their Coach by Monday, November 23, 2020, in order to be in the water.   Any swimmers who have not returned the Signed MAAP Acknowledgement Form by that time will not be able to participate with the team until the form is completed and turned in.  We know this is a relatively quick turn around, however due to the importance of MAAPP we need to do it this way.  
Thank you for your cooperation and you can get more information on MAAPP at the CVST and MAAPP Web Page at or by visiting USA
The CVST Coaching Staff & The CVST Board