Sponsorship Information

Carrollwood Village Swim Team (CVST) is a non-profit (501(c)3) year round swim program and is a member of USA Swimming, which is part of the United States Olympic Committee. Our objectives are to promote competitive and recreational swimming, and to provide a program of instruction for the development of swimmers of all abilities. Swimming teaches self-discipline, sportsmanship, commitment, all of which help to build character and all qualities that help to build our youth which will help them long into their futures.

As part of the teams desire to promote swimming and remain financially sound, we host three large events events each year, two at the Northshore Pool in St. Petersburg and one at the Carrollwood Country Club, in Tampa. The first is the Boys & Girls Club National Swimming Championships, held in April, and the second is the CVST Sweetheart Meet, held in early February each year and third is the Tampa Bay Swim Classic, held the beginning of June each year.   These three events are a major source of funding for our program and a chance to offer three sound competitive swimming events for the Aquatics Community.
We also host a number of other smaller Developmental Events (up to 10) also at the Carrollwood Country Club.

The Boys & Girls Club National Championships plays host to Boys & Girls Clubs from across the Country, in fact, CVST is traditionally the only team from Florida in the event.  This brings a great number of room nights to the area as well as restaurant needs to accommodate all those from out of town.
The CVST Sweetheart Meet is a 200-300 Swimmer event with about 5 local swim teams participating.  Althouth there are no room nights involved there is time built in between sessions to go out to lunch in the immediate area. 
The Tampa Bay Swim Classic hosts 500-600 swimmers, along with their families, from throughout Central Florida, but primarily the Tampa Bay Area.  This event also brings in room nights for about 200 participants and their families.

These are three successful long running events held here annually in the Tampa Bay Area and we look to many of our local businesses to partner with us in the production of these three events.  For more information on becoming a Sponsor, placing an ad in meet programs, making a donation or to see who is supporting our program and these events, follow the link below.