CVST Ad / Sponsor Packages

Dear Swim Team Parents, Alumni, Friends and Sponsors & Donors,

Below is our current CVST advertising/sponsorship package.  We are very excited about the advertising and sponsorship opportunities offered.

As those of you that have been involved with the team for many years know, the profit from the ad sales and sponsorship helps to keep the cost of our swim program affordable and can be a major source of fundraising income for our program each year.  In the past, each CVST family was required to sell a minimum of $200.00 in advertising/sponsorship each year and if the ads were not sold the family was billed for the balance of the $200.00 requirement.  Over the past number of years, we have changed the program, and it is no longer required and no one will not be billed if you do not sell the ads.  We do still need to make the money made in the past from this fundraiser, especially this year with the Pandemic and many of our meets being cancelled. 

CVST is a 501(c)3, charitable organization under the IRS Tax Codes, so donations, in lieu of Ad Sales and Sponsorships, would be tax deductible for donors and sponsors.  Over the past 15 years advertising revenue has been almost nonexistent compared to back when we were in the old Carrollwood Pool, and we need to try to regain some momentum again and bring the CVST Ad/Sponsorship program numbers back up to the numbers of past years.  Please remember these ad sales, sponsorships and donations help keep your dues & fees down, make programming available and allow us to continue to keep the program financially viable.  These sales are as as important now, as ever, because in more recent years, CVST has eliminated a number of team fees previously charged and also cut out some Annual Fundraisers.

New to this fundraiser, we will be adding an incentive to all CVST Families.  The first $400.00 raised by each family will go to the the team's operating budget, the second $400.00 will go toward that family's Team Dues.  Monies raised by a family after that point will alternate in $200.00 increments with the first $200.00 going to CVST and the second $200.00 going to the family's dues.  This will continue until the families dues are paid for the year.  These fundraising dollars can only be used toward CVST Dues and not toward any other swimming related expenses incurred by the family.  Once the dues are paid, the remainder of the money raised goes to the CVST operating budget.  

This package includes the Advertising and Sponsorship Contracts, and a cover letter.  It is available on the CVST Web Site (  Now is the time to familiarize yourself with the program, as many businesses are currently allocating their advertising/sponsorship monies for the year.  Many of us work for companies or know other people who could be influential in helping with sponsorship, but if your effort is put off, our efforts will be futile.

We suggest you contact businesses that you frequent, and ask for their support.  This package includes a "ready-to-go" cover letter, which only requires you to fill in the name of the business or person being contacted, your phone and signature. Complete your mailing by including an Advertising and/or Sponsorship Contract.  If you need additional letters or contracts they are available for download on the CVST Web Site at

Advertising Deadlines:

For the CVST Sweetheart Meet - January 1st.

For Boys & Girls Club National Swimming Championships - March 15th

For Tampa Bay Swim Classic - May 1st

All ads must be camera ready.  You may hand deliver the completed contract, payment and ad to Jim’s mailbox at the TAC front desk or mail them to CVST, c/o Meet Ads, 13985 Clubhouse Drive, Tampa, Florida 33618.

We are also requesting your help in securing a “Name Sponsor" for both of our big meets, The The CVST Sweetheart Meet, the Boys & Girls Club National Swimming Championships and the Tampa Bay Swim Classic, just like AT&T, Speedo, the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Sports Commission or Finis have been the “Name Sponsor” for our meets in past years.  Please forward any names and addresses of businesses and contacts you think may be interested in working with our program to Jim or any member of the Coaching Staff.  We will prepare a professionally printed letter for your signature, which you may deliver directly or we can contact them together with more specifics on the opportunity. 

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.   You will be surprised just how easy it is to sign up advertisers and get sponsors.  Take an hour of your time and send those ad contracts out!  We thank you for your support and welcome any suggestions.  Good Luck!


Jim Kelly

CVST President & Head Coach


Jan Volz

CVST Vice President & Meet Director

CVST Ad / Sponsorship Information

CVST Advertising / Sponsorship Packet - Full Packet - Download

CVST Advertising / Sponsorship Cover Letter - Download

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CVST Sponsorship Contract -Download

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