Team Gear (CVST Swim Shop Information)

E-mail Allison Jurey-Smith, CVST Swim Shop Director: [email protected]
The CVST Swim Shop is offered to CVST team members as a service of the CVST Coaching Staff.  The CVST Swim Shop Director, is Allison Jurey-Smith ([email protected]).

The CVST Swim Shop is a combination of web, phone and direct sales through the Swim Shop Director:  You can purchase your CVST Swim Caps and other specialty items by contacting Allison Jurey-Smith. 
Our CVST Swim Store  is on-line at the CVST Website.  It is in two parts -  The CVST Swim Store link for your training equipment needs and Full for all of your swimming needs.  CVST receives and 8% donation back to the club on all orders placed through these sites and you receive free shipping on order over $50.00.
CVST swimmers are required to have certain Training Equipment and Team Uniform Items for Swim Meets (list of required equipment).
Where to get your Training Equipment / Meet Uniforms:
For more information, contact CVST Swim Shop Director, Allison Jurey-Smith at 813-731-9370 (text or call) or [email protected].