Silver Hawk Aquatics offers practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability.  Whether your swimmer had a great summer swim team experience, recently took swim lessons or is currently a member of a high school swim team, Silver Hawk Aquatics has a place for you!  We welcome swimmers to join us at any time of year, not just at the beginning of the swim season.

Silver Hawk Aquatics’ goal is to create a long term passion for the sport of swimming for families in the greater central Florida community.  To accomplish this goal, we strive to make swimming fun, exciting and fulfilling for each swimmer.  Stroke technique and efficiency, cardiovascular endurance, and starts and turns are stressed in each practice group in a manner tailored to the age and skill level of the group.  Dry land training supplements the time spent in the water.  This training includes age appropriate exercises to improve a swimmer’s overall fitness level, and to strengthen the key muscle groups that are important for swimming.

New swimmers joining Silver Hawk Aquatics are individually evaluated by a coach in order to place them in a practice group that matches their age and ability.  Minimum requirements for practice groups allow our coaches to work more effectively within their practices with a cohesive group of swimmers.  The  coaches always have each swimmer’s best interest and long-term development in mind when assigning a practice group.

The Silver Hawk Aquatics coaches are responsible for determining when it is appropriate to move a child to a higher practice group.  These determinations are made throughout the swim seasons.  The coaches consider the age and physical ability of the swimmer, practice attendance, meet performance, and the emotional readiness of the child for the training required by the higher practice group. The coaches will consult with parents before making any changes during the swim season.

Click on the links for more information on the practice groups for the current swim season. Please note that the pre-requisites for each group are only guidelines.  The coaches use their judgment and expertise to determine the practice group most appropriate for the swimmer and his/her long-term development and enjoyment of the sport.

As a new team, the practice groups will be evolving to fit all the needs of our swimmers, from beginner to national level competitors and beyond. 

Please contact us at [email protected]  to for more information. 

New swimmer evaluations occur every Monday at 5:30 pm.