HAWK Opening Plans Facility Overview

1. All guests must enter through the door adjacent to the concession stand while maintaining social distancing standards.

2. Any guests arriving late for their respective program may not be permitted to enter.

3. Upon arrival, all guests must submit to thermal screening, health questionnaire and hand sanitization.

4. At the conclusion of health screening, all guests must proceed directly to location as directed by Silver Hawk Aquatics staff while remaining a minimum of 10 feet from any non-family member guest.

5. Summer camp participants must stay in the lane marked with barriers specifically for summer camp.

6. Swim team participants must stay in the lane marked with barriers specifically for swim team

7. Swim lesson participants must stay in the lane marked with barriers specifically for swim lessons.

8. Bathrooms and locker rooms will have restricted usage and will be sanitized after each use.

9. Water fountains and water bottle filler may not be allowed to be used.

10. In the event of inclement weather, all guests must follow procedures for the program which they are participating in.

11. Exiting the facility must be done through the single side of the gate while maintaining a minimum distance of 10 feet from any non-family member guest.

12. Shared equipment will be restricted and it will be highly encouraged to bring own equipment for use at the pool.

13. Entire facility will be sanitized each day at closing, including shared equipment (kickboards/buoys/fins).

14. Isolation area located in east office will be utilized for any guest who becomes ill while at the Lake Howell Aquatic Center.

Swim Team Protocols:

1. Swimmers arrive only 5 minutes early for practice to avoid loitering on the pool deck. Athletes arriving late to their assigned practice time may not be permitted in the facility.

2. After leaving their respective cars, athletes walk in separately, 10 feet apart. 3. Parents stay in their cars, and do not enter the pool gate. Athletes only.

4. Athletes arrive at the pool prepared to swim. No locker-rooms, showering or deck changing. Athletes are to wear their suit to the pool.

5. Athletes immediately report to their assigned lanes and put their belongings at the end of the lane near the fence.

6. Two swimmers per lane, starting on opposite sides of the pool. Swimmers must stay and swim in the center of the lane (seven feet apart)

7. Locker room usage will be restricted. Practices will be no longer than one hour. Our swimmers & families will be informed of this before coming to practice.

8. Depart the practice immediately before the next group arrives. A Silver Hawk Aquatics staff will monitor departures and arrivals. There will be at least 15 minutes between each groups practice.

9. Parents must be ready to pick athletes up as soon as practice finishes.

10. In the event inclement weather, swimmers will be asked to wait out delay in their respective cars (parents must remain on site during practice). After weather delay, re-entry procedure will begin at step 2 above. 

11. Athletes must exit separately, ten feet apart.

12. Parents will be REQUIRED to sign the Covid-19 screening survey (attached)

13. Swimmers that do not follow these rules will be removed from the group.

14. Swimmers must sign-up for their practice time in a 2 week block, no changes will be allowed.