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Klein Swim Academy Who is the KLEIN SWIM ACADEMY? 

     501c3 non-profit

Klein Swim Academy is the PARENT company to:

Sarasota Swim Academy-
~ Learn to Swim program
~ Baby/Me Parent participation program
~ “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey”-  
    pre-swim class program
SRQ Tsunami Swim Team- competitive swim team
~ Tsunami Masters Swim –
   adult swim team

TSUNAMI swim team, is one of over 2,700 USA Swimming clubs all over the United States, established to enroll children in an organized swimming program. SRQ TSUANMI is a member of United States Swimming, the national governing body [NGB] for all competitive swim teams and a proud member of AMERICA's SWIM TEAM.

Sarasota Tsunami Swim Academy  lesson program is in partnership with SwimAmerica, which uses a method of progression developed by the  national program of the "American Swimming Coaches Association".

Professional coaches give athletes of all ages and abilities extensive instruction.  Each member receives stroke instruction, scientifically designed training programs, as well as instruction on physiological, psychological and  nutritional  needs  to  enhance performance.  The program is a multidimensional team. [see FAQ for more information]

 The Sarasota Swim Academy is a leader in teaching and training individuals for competition at the local, state and national levels. 

SRQ TSUNAMI SWIM TEAM has brought 21st Century teaching and training technique to the Gulf Coast of Florida.  The program is designed to help each young athlete achieve the highest level of success possible and teaching our children to be safe around water.





501c3 non-profit established in 2010 by Coaches Ira and Cindy Klein
•Coach Ira USA Swimming for over 4 decades
–Past Vice-President of USA Swimming
–Past President of America Swim Coaches Assoc
–Coach to International Coaching Community
–Hundreds of national/olympic qualified athletes
–Coach Cindy 3 decades of Swimming support
–10 years Director of Sarasota Swim Academy
---Creator Baby/Me parent participation swim curriuclum for newborns and infants
--Author "Sue Nami's Swimming Journey- Teachiing Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water" preswim class