18 & Under World 100s
Florida Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200



Competitive swimming is a serious endeavor. There are many satisfying advantages that accompany this training: Health, the joy of winning, the strength learned in goal setting, social contacts, and the excitement of competition and travel. It is the goal of the SRQ and Coaching Staff to provide a physically, mentally and intellectually rewarding program. Personal and physical skills learned here help our members in their current endeavors and throughout their lives.


Competitive swimming builds character, discipline, leadership, self esteem, physical fitness, teamwork and a strong work ethic; all which can be used for a lifetime.




Provide a model for excellence in youth athletics, giving our swimmers the opportunity to excel at all levels of competition, while providing a safe environment for all young athletes.




To create an environment that allows and encourages each swimmer to achieve their maximum individual potential.  To provide the needed tools to maintain the children's safety and protection.




To help our community's children grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults by instilling confidence and building positive learning attitudes for life through the sport of swimming.

“Nami’s” Mission:
“Sue Nami’s Swimming project’s” Mission is to assist and teach parents and educators worldwide in early childhood, how to start teaching children the basic foundations of swimming, with emphasis on proper breath exchange, proper balance to recover in the water and proper propulsion to move and manipulate the water so the can maintain their balance and recover to take a breath.

“Nami’s Vision:
“Sue Nami’s Swimming project’s” Vision is the elimination of drowning through building water awareness education and teaching parents and educators to change the way they perceive aquatic environments and the need to start teaching swimming fundamentals as early as possible, without water. Sue Nami’s project vision to distribute Nami’s pre-swim book and pre-swim drills to every generation of pre-kindergarten to early elementary school children in child care facilities, classroom, community centers, zoos and public and private aquatic environments around the world.

“Nami’s” Goal:
“Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey’s” Goal is to empower children to be comfortable and confident in any and all aquatic environments.