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A quick thank you for a wonderful program! Camille, who was terrified of swimming lessons bc of her ear tubes absolutely LOVES her lessons. And I have never seen Gus so proud of himself as when he promoted to Stroke Team. Excellent job!
Hi Cindy,  My daughter Alivia and I took swim lessons from you two summers ago.  Since then Alivia swims like a fish and with the knowledge you gave me I have begun teaching my 18 month old to swim this summer.  
Thank you so much for everything!!  It is amazing still that these girls can swim at 3 years old and one and a half and it is all thanks to you!  
We have since moved to Connecticut but I have been practicing with both of them as much as I can.  Thank you Thank you!!! Kerynne




Best swim team in Sarasota! We love Coach Ira and Coach Cindy!

 Dr. Jason Walsh



**  Hi Cindy,
  Esmée is very excited to start level 4 and thank  you for you and your teachers efforts. I have nothing but praise for your academy and have recommended it to many of my friends. In fact a Grandma of 2 children of where we are staying had just signed up her two grandchildren for next session. So, word is getting around!!!

Many thanks,   Melanie ***


** Riley went swimming with a friend yesterday and actually swam for his first time without a float, head in the water, kicking all by himself and using him arms. I was so proud of him. He would have never been that brave before going to you for lessons.

Thanks again!

Rachel  **






Thank you so much for such an incredible class. What you gave both Ava and David in terms of lifesavings skills was beyond my expectation.  David continued his underwater adventures as my parents’ pool and now that I’m back home we plan on continuing the lessons for both kids.

I wish I knew more people in Sarasota to recommend the class to them!!

We’re looking forward to seeing the video!

Thanks again, Gina


** Cindy.

Both Rob and Angelina love the swimming classes.  Robert just beams getting out of the water and doing something new. He is still doing so well.  Angelina may be a bit slower but I’m not worried about it.  She loves it and every week she gets a bit better and I’m more concerned with that and safety then how fast she can move ahead.

Jasmine is looking forward to coming.  Now we just need to wait until we can get Victoria in.  She’s very anxious for her turn. 

Thanks so much,

Sue **


** Hi Cindy,

Mary said she enjoyed the stroke team on Wedensday. I'm so happy to have found a swim "team" for her. She was way too intimidated by the Y.

Thanks so much. You guys run a great program.

Jennifer **

**  Dear Cindy,
Our son Nissi had so much fun learning how to swim with you and your crew. We would like to enroll him for the fall again.
Have a blessed weekend,
  Alina - Nissi's Mum ** **

"...so I was swimming the other day and thinking...I've had a lot of coaches
with swimming, and modern pentathlon and who were the top 5...Ira was on
that list, and I want to thank you for your great coaching, walking up and
down the pool, motivating me that year!!! All the very BEST!"
********** Ted Eckersdorff posted on your Wall.


"Just wanted to tell you I think Mrs. Tucker is a fabulous
coach. She is just the best in so many ways:  First, she likes the kids and
they like her.  She inspires them to work hard and do well.  I'm so glad she
gives them a hard workout but is understanding of their abilities at the
same time.  She has the right sense of how far to push them.

She gives them her undivided attention the entire hour of
swimming. Sometimes you will see coaches who are chatting with other
coaches or adults during a practice. Not Ms. Tucker!  She is focused
only on the kids the entire hour.

And at the end she rewards them with a few minutes of games
which they love. She has made the group feel like they are part of a FUN
little swim club. My grandson enjoys it so much he has been requesting he
come every day! 

Thank you to Ms. Tucker for being there. I hope she will be
part of the team for a long time.

Shirley Birkett

Great job at the Turkey Meet everyone! Thank you Coach Ira and Coach Whitney for being such supportive and encouraging coaches, you're the BEST!

Lindsay Porter
You are running a fantastic program...my son loves it!

Elisabeth Hacker


 Hi Coach Ira,
Olivia Milholland, my daughter, went through only a couple of swim lessons (maybe three I think??), then Cindy moved her into the stroke team during May.  She is doing great!  Loves it!  Thank you!  If you ever need a testimonial, I am here--your program is wonderful! 



Thank you for teaching Caroline to back float!  Tamara.


Molly and Rozlyn ....LOVED the program and plan to attend again next summer.  I am very impressed with the coaches and administration.  Thank you so much for a great summer!

~Andrea Abel|


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