18 & Under World 100s
Florida Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200

Watch Coach Ira's interview with the American Swim Coach Association about coaching Age Group Swimmers.

Each group has a different approach focused on age, ability and of course desired outcome from participation.  Our primary goal is for every swimmer to learn to swim, train and compete in all swimming strokes.

Using both experience and science knowledge the training is designed to utilize and develop all three energy systems, not to over work or focus solely on just one or two.  This optimizes the swimmers ability to develop and succeed.

Training is designed around the Individual Medley especially in the Silver and higher groups.  We employ a quality instead of quantity approach in daily practices.  This should not be confused with being just a sprinting only program, this quality training approach helped develop one of the countries all time best age group distance swimmers, Adrienne Binder who swam 15:42 in the 1650 free and went on to be an NCAA Champion in the 500 yd. free.  We do not believe in a single stroke or a single event philosophy for the team.  We will endeavor to help each swimmer excel in the stroke or distance that suits them best.

During the school year student athletes are not required to train twice a day but that option is available. We offer both a National Team which does require 9 weekly practices to maximize the option of success as well as a Senior Team which will require just the 5 afternoons and Saturday AM practice.

At our youngest levels the emphasis is on stroke development and developing that internal love for the sport.  Our program builds their abilities and confidence each day they come to practice.

For more in depth information at each training level please
 contact Head Coach Ira Klein  941-928 SWIM (7946)