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Learn to Swim FAQ

Q. What ages do you teach? What system do you use?

Sarasota Swim Academy offers group classes children years 4 and older through adult, small group, private and semi-private lessons for all ability levels.

We recommend children under 4 years of age join our BABY/ME classes.

We are partnered with SwimAmerica™ - the USA's leading Learn-to-Swim School -teaches with the most effective method known, using a progression developed by this nation's top swim coaches. Our goal is to teach your child to swim quickly, proficiently and to learn to love swimming for health, safety, fun and fitness. Students advance at their own pace from water adaptation at Station 1 to very advanced swimming skills at Station 10. (Stations 6-10 are  taught in a swim practice group, called STROKE TEAM)

All coaches are certified by SwimAmerica, a national program of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Coaches are also CPR and First Aid certified. SwimAmerica is the USA's leading Learn to Swim School.

Q. When should my child learn to swim?


As soon as your child is capable of independent motion, they are capable of getting into water and drowning. Therefore, swim lessons should begin  at 6 months of age or younger and water conditioning and water adaptation as early as 2 weeks old.

We have taught children as young as 16 months old to propel themselves through the water, using circle arms (beginner of breast stroke), kicking and proper air exchange or resurfacing with a big breath (no doggy paddles or holding breath) AND as young as 2 1/2 yrs old to SWIM backstroke and freestyle, again with kicking and proper air exchange.


Q. What is a session?

A session consists of 8; 30-minute long classes, continuous through out the season. Some sessions will consist of 7 classes, if a holiday falls on a class day. Presently Learn to Swim season begins in April and concludes in October.

Q. How many sessions will my child need?

This depends on your child's age and level of fitness. It may take 2 or more sessions of eight lessons each for preschoolers to learn the basic skills of  proper air exchange (Station 1),front and back floating/gliding (Station 2), proper kicking on front and back glide (Station 3), returning to the wall and rolling over on their back to breathe, float and rest. Some students that have mastered the first skills of breathing, floating and kicking will learn and advance  more rapidly. If your child has not been in the water since last summer, they may have regressed a little and will catch back up quickly.

Q. How many students are in each class?

Sarasota Swim Academy offers 4 to 1 ratio student to coach beginning at ages 4 years and older. The BABY/ME class offers a coach for up to 8 parents per class.

Q. How long will it take for my child to learn how to swim?

It depends on what your definition of swimming is. Swimming is not holding your breath and swimming UNDER the water. Swimming is done ON TOP of the water. Some consider just making it to the side of the pool learning to swim. Learning to swim is an ongoing process. A child can be safer in the water long before that process is completed. Each child comes to swimming lessons with a different set of circumstances. A child who is comfortable in the water will certainly learn faster than a child who has had a negative experience in the water. Our goal is the end result, not how fast we get there.

Q. How qualified are your instructors?

Sarasota Swim Academy employs highly skilled and professional coaches. At Sarasota Swim Academy we call all our instructors coaches because they have all received American Swimming Coaches Association Level 1 Certification status. Many of our coaches not only teach swimming, but are atheltes, sports coaches, school teachers and parents, as well. They possess the wonderful ability to teach a life-saving skill while making it fun, too! At Sarasota Swim Academy, swimmers have fun, parents see results, and coaches get to do what they love. Kids LOVE to learn at Sarasota Swim Academy!

Q. What about private classes?

Sarasota Swim Academy will refer all custom (private) class inquiries to our staff coaches. We do not refer students to any instructor outside of our program.


Q. What if it is raining?

Classes are still taught in the rain. If there is thunder or lightning in the area, or if the rain becomes too heavy to safely conduct class, the coaches will conduct the Safety Day portion of the curriculum, if possible, in a location outside of the pool and away from the elements. It is best to assume that classes are on as scheduled unless it is listed as canceled on our website , or you receive a call from the office or the coach stating otherwise.

Q. Are there make-up classes?

Make-ups due to instructor absence, weather, or mechanical problems will be made up on another day/time during the session if space is available. Sarasota Swim Academy does not offer “make-up” classes, credits, or refunds for classes in session that have been missed for any reason than listed above, unless an exception is decided by the Director or Site Supervisor. In such a case, the Site Supervisor will reschedule the class. It is the parents responsibility to advise the Sarasota Swim Academy if the child will not be able to attend their designated timeslot. The Site Supervisor and/or Program Director does not have access to phone/text messages or internet while classes are in session.

Q. How do I sign up?

You can register for classes over the phone or email the Sarasota Swim Academy. Call our office at 941 928-9948 or email [email protected]. Please confirm with Coach Cindy that space is available for your preferred days and time slot.

Q. What payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash and money orders,(credit card payment coming soon). Bring payment as well as the registration form with you on the first day of class. You may pre-arrange payment, along with registration form with Coach.

Q. Can I leave a check at the front desk at the pool?

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MONEY/CHECKS AT THE FACILITY POOL. Our coaches make it back to the office only once a week, if that. The check might be lost or get wet, and then you might lose your spot. To avoid this, please mail it or bring it with you the first day of class.
Sarasota Swim Academy

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Q. What does my child have to wear and what should I bring and What should I do before class?

All children should be encouraged to make a bathroom stop before their class begins.

Children 3 years of age or under : 
    At public facilities: 
-It is mandatory for all children the age of 3 or under to wear a reusable swimming diaper, not little swimmers throw away diapers, if not yet bathroom trained.

Children over 3 years of age:

For girls: One piece bathing suits (keeps them focused and not always tugging on their suits)

For boys: No cut offs or board shorts for boys, swim suit briefs or jammers that hug the leg.
no board shorts or cut-offs. (loose clothing billows, becomes water logged and HEAVY and interrupts buoyancy)

Swimmers Goggles (not snorkel goggles) for all students ( keeps them focused and not always rubbing their eyes) .

A bathing/swimmers cap if hair is chin length or longer (keeps hair out of the eyes).

Towels and warm sweater/jacket for after

Q. Should I feed my child before class?

We recommend that you should not feed your child anything for at least one hour prior to the start of class (don't want the heart and energy working on digestion, when we need all energy on their muscles and lungs) If you do plan on feeding your child, make sure it is something light, such as anything included in the B.R.A.T. Diet, i.e. bananas, rice, apple sauce, or toast. Please stay away from any dairy or citrus products

 Q. What is your Policy on Floaties and Swim Vests?

The Sarasota Swim Academy does not approve the use of floaties, swim vests or other floatation devise, other than a Coast Guard approved water safety vest or noodles.  NOTHING can replace eyes on supervision by an adult, while a child is in or near the water.

The Sarasota Swim Academy requires that all parents of our Learn to Swim and Baby/Me students adhere to our policy and not use floaties, swim vests or other floatation devise, other than a Coast Guard approved water safety vest or noodles while your child is enrolled in our Learn to Swim or Baby/Me program.

Floaties, swim vests or other floatation devise place the child in a vertical position while in the water, which is the drowning position. The Sarasota Swim Academy teaches real swimming and the use of floaties, swim vests or other floatation devise, other than a Coast Guard approved water safety vest and noodle, is counter-effective and cancels out all the hard work both your child and our coaches do.

If a parent insist on the use of floaties, swim vests or other floatation devise, other than a Coast Guard approved water safety vest and noodles,  while in the water, the Sarasota Swim Academy has the right to refuse enrollment in our Learn to Swim or Baby/Me program, as well as cancel enrollment in our Learn to Swim or Baby/Me program if the parent is found to be using floaties, swim vests or other floatation devise, other than a Coast Guard approved water safety vest or noodles.

 Photo and Filming is allowed with approval of the Program Director. Program Director and Staff may video/photograph students for training purposes, with use by the Sarasota Swim Academy .