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How to read your swim team invoice and how Paypal works with the Swim Team

The invoice report is built into our website design and we cannot change it.  The biggest problem that we have is when they go out it will say 'on the first of the next month you will owe xxx'.  They are giving you your current balance plus the amount of the family monthly fee for the next month.  This is how it works, even if the invoice is sent to you on the 2nd of the month.  If you go in through you swim team account online it will show you the correct, current amount for your family balance.

We are set up to receive credit card payments through Paypal.  It will only work through our website, clicking on the button for 'paypal'.  You do not need to be in your account to utilize the paypal payment option.  Once the payment is made we receive an e mail stating the payment and who it is from.  It is not automatically put towards your account, we do that by hand, so don't be surprised if your account takes 24 - 48 hours to update.  When viewing the payment at your account on line it will be split into two parts.  You will see the actual amount that we receive as 'payment', then you will see a 'credit card credit' to your account which is the remaining amount that is actually paid to paypal.  You receive the full credit but we break it down to make it easier to determine income and expenses.

Meet fees are to be paid before the start of the meet.  Team fees are to be paid on the first of the month but no later than the 10th.  Please remember that we are not supported by any municipality or agency, our fees pay for all of this so your prompt payment is critical for us to pay our bills on time.

Late fees are $5 for meets, $10 for team fees. We do understand sometimes families need a little extra time to pay, you need to contact Coach Ira with the request and then no late fees will be charged.  Notices will be sent prior to late fees being placed on accounts.

Hope that helps to clarify those items.  Thank you for your continued support and participation.