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Swim Team Uniform and Equipment Information

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Uniform: Team colors are Silver/Gray and Blue/Sapphire


Swim Suits; The Sarasota TSUNAMI Swim Academy/Tsunami Swim Team is a TYR sponsored team, our goal is for swimmers to train in TYR competitive suits.  In competition all athletes must wear the team designated TYR suit designated for that level of competition.

Boys; in practice and competition Team suits in either brief or jammer style are acceptable.
                    Board shorts and cut off shorts are not acceptable or allowed in practice.

Girls; in practice one piece training suits are acceptable,  No two piece suits. For competition only one piece suits are allowed.


Team Caps; are available in silicon material.  For practice any cap is allowed that meets USA Swimming standards [no logos for alcohol or tobacco products].  All swimmers with shoulder length or longer hair should wear a cap.

For competition it is the individual athletes’ decision to wear a cap and which material cap they will wear.  If the decision is to wear a cap then the team cap must be worn during competition.


Team Sweats; are heather gray and are required for swimmers in advanced age group and higher level groups.  Other groups may purchase and wear team sweats but must at meets wear at least plain heather gray sweats without any other brand logo.


Team T Shirts; the SRQ TSUNAMI team shirt should be worn, with pride, at all competitions.


Team Parka; gray team parka’s are available through Total Team Wares.


 Practice Equipment;  

Stroke Team; suit, goggles and cap [optional]

Red, Blue & Varsity; suit, goggles, cap and swim fins.

Silver; suit, goggles, cap, swim fins, and water bottle.

Junior ; suit, goggles, swim fins, water bottle and training snorkel.

Senior and above; suit, goggles, swim fins, water bottle, paddles, buoy, training snorkel and cap.


Goggles; Are very individual to each person’s facial features.  You should try them on and see if they remain water tight around your eyes.

Swim Fins; recommend TYR trialon or power training fins.  Fins should not be too long and should be very malleable to decrease stress on the joints.

Paddles; Stroke makers are recommended, start small in size and over the years gradually increase as desired.

Buoys; recommend the TYR buoys, we will carry a small number for sale.

Training Snorkel; Finis training snorkel is preferred.