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about our Baby/Me Swim Class 


  Learn to Swim & Baby/Me Registration form
Children 3 years and younger are required to wear a swim diaper. If child is not yet bathroom trained, they need to wear a double swim diaper, cloth swim diaper over a disposable swim diaper.



We will not be offering Baby/Me swim class at the Arlington facility until further notice

We thank you for your patience, while this schedule remains "fluid".

Monday/ Wednesday 11:00 am full, 11:30 am full, 12:00 noon full

Tuesday/Thursday: 9 am, 10:30 am

Saturday: 9:00am full, 9:30 am full, 10:30 am, 11 am

The Virtual Baby/Me (VBM) swim class is now available.

Call 941 928 9948
contact coachcindy@sarasotaswimacademy.org for information

PLEASE call to sign up and register, space is limited

A 3 month minimum enrollment  in group class is required,
to understand and benefit from the BABY/ME progression curriculum.


Suitable for children 15 months and older.

Sue Nami's Swimming Journey - Daycare Driland Swim Class
  START the swimming conversation with your children at home OUTSIDE of the Water,
with the daycare DRY-LAND SWIM DRILLS in a teachable online class.
 These are the same drills we practice inside with our swim lesson groups,
when forced out of the water due to bad weather.


Courtesy of "Sue Nami's Swimming Journey-
Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water"


"Sue Nami's Swimming Journey" the BOOK

"SUE Nami's Swimming Journey- Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water"
is a parent's how-to children's picture book.

“Nami” ventures on an educational journey to learn how her wildlife friends breathe, balance, streamline and move in the water.
Nami will demonstrate fun and engaging swimming drills and encourage children to practice with her, Outside of the Water.
Nami’s book and swim practice drills are an adult and parent’s guide to begin to teach & train children water awareness and basic swimming fundamentals with emphasis on:

Chapter 1: proper breath
Chapter 2: proper streamline & balance
Chapter 3: proper propulsion to move through the water

Suitable for children 15 months and older.

This book and swim drills are not to replace traditional swim lessons with a trained swim coach or instructor


Annual REGISTRATION: $20 first student, $30 per family 
MONTHLY TUITION:  Based on  4 and 8  30 minute classes. All extra classes within the month will be used if a make up class is needed due to weather.
$100/month - 1 class / week
$150/month - 2 class / week each consecutive month after 
$35 / class for custom schedule (vacations that interrupt class schedule)

$150 4 video practice drills per week for 3 months
$50/month 4 video practices per week continued Advanced BMV practice drills.

SEMI-PRIVATE: $35 / class
PRIVATE: $50 / class

Children under 4 month are best taught in the bathtub
or in-home classes :
call  941 928 9948 or e-mail [email protected]
Snug fitting CLOTH swim diaper must be worn over disposable swim diaper
Double swim diaper must be  worn: disposable swim diaper under cloth swim diaper

PLEASE CALL 941 928 9948 or e-mail [email protected]