18 & Under World 100s
Florida Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 200

call 941 928 9948 for assessment

Swimmer should swim with face in the water 25 yards (1 lap) of arm over arm- Crawl stroke/freestyle with proper breathing and 25 yards (1 lap)  backstroke.
TROKE SCHOOL is a 30 minute practice designed to refining freestyle and backstroke technique, not teach them, as well as develop your child’s swimming endurance,

If not, please refer to our Learn to Swim SwimAmerica progression curriculum.

An assessment of your swimmer's stroke skill is required for Stroke School. 
DUE TO RESTRICTIONS, please submit a video of your child's swimming skills, both freestyle and backstroke. If they can swim breast stroke and butterfly, please video those strokes as well.

all 941 928 9948 or  coachcindy@sarasotaswimacademy.org
to advise you are sending an assessment and to confirm space

Starting Friday, June 19, Coach Ira will open the teaching pool for STROKE SCHOOL only, with 3 scheduled swim times
8 am-8:25 am,
8:30 am - 8:55 am,
9 am - 9:25 am,
allowing 5 minutes between for cleaning surfaces. Swimmers must leave the pool deck by the half hour and be picked up promptly, since there will be no coach or staff to watch them.

Due to city guidelines, we need to keep a maximum of 2 per lane, however, I'm restricting 1 swimmer per lane, to keep social/physical distancing. If our older swimmers can maintain discipline, I may add a second person to the lane and they will swim opposite sides, with minimal contact.
There will be no Learn to swim class offered during those times.
(see sarasotaswimacademy.org schedule)
With school, hopefully starting the 2nd week of August, we request a 2 month prepaid tuition, $150/swimmer.


Parents will not be allowed on deck and each child will need to be preregistered for a "swipe card" with the City's park and rec, which I will do for you, once I have you enrolled and will not be allowed on deck without one. Swimmers will enter through the front gate, but exit through the gate by the teaching pool and sheds, to keep a physical distancing flow between entering and exiting swimmers.
No food will be allowed on deck and a limited use of the locker rooms.

Proper swim wear and swim goggles required. Hair below chin must be worn back away from the face or with swim cap
GIRLS- one piece bathing suit
BOYS- regulation swim suit or jammers that fit snug to the leg- no board shorts allowed.

TUITION: $75/month cash or check upon registration payable to Sarasota Swim Academy