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Private location: REGISTRATION FORM Learn to Swim and Baby/Me swim class

Due to the pandemic, 2:1 student/coach ratio
To enroll and confirm space availability
PLEASE call 941 928 9948 
Learn more about our SwimAmerica Learn to Swim program

Please refer to the STROKE SCHOOL page for detailed description.
Stroke School does not teach strokes, it refines the stroke. Doggy paddle is not a stroke.


2021 Schedule:  Beginning MAY

 2650 Waldemere Street, Sarasota FL 34239 (outdoor heated teaching pool)

Assessment for STROKE SCHOOL required. Swimmer must swim crawl arms, freestyle/backstroke 25 yards with proper breath exchange.

Monday/Wednesday: Learn to Swim class
 4- 4:30 pm , 4:30 pm - 5 pm
5 - 5:30 pm

MondayLearn to Swim class
 4- 4:30 pm , 4:30 pm - 5 pm
5 - 5:30 pm

Wednesday Learn to Swim class
 4- 4:30 pm full,  4:30 pm - 5 pm
5 - 5:30 pm full,

Tuesday: Learn to Swim

4- 4:30 pm, 4:30pm - 5pm

Thursday: Learn to Swim
4- 4:30 pm, 4:30pm - 5pm

9am-9:30am full, 9:30am - 10am full, 10am - 10:30am full, 10:30am - 11 am full

We thank you for your patience, while this schedule remains "fluid".
INQUIRY ABOUT Learn to Swim CLASS schedule

If you and your friends would like to establish your own group,
we can work out a
custom schedule outside our regular group classes.


Sue Nami's Swimming Journey - Daycare Driland Swim Class
  START the swimming conversation with your   children at home OUTSIDE of the Water,
with these PRE-SWIMMING DRY-LAND SWIM DRILLS in a teachable online class.
 These are the same drills we practice inside with our swim lesson groups,
when forced out of the water due to bad weather.

Suitable for children 15 months and older.

Courtesy of "Sue Nami's Swimming Journey-
Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water"


"Sue Nami's Swimming Journey" the BOOK

"SUE Nami's Swimming Journey- Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water"
is a PRE-SWIMMING children's picture book.

Nami’s book and swim practice drills are an adult and parent’s guide to begin to teach & train children water awareness and basic swimming fundamentals with emphasis on:
Chapter 1: proper breath
Chapter 2: proper streamline & balance
Chapter 3: proper propulsion to move through the water

“Nami” ventures on an educational journey to learn how her wildlife friends breathe, balance, streamline and move in the water.

Nami will demonstrate fun and engaging swimming drills and encourage children to practice with her, Outside of the Water.


Suitable for children 15 months and older.

This book and swim drills are not to replace traditional swim lessons with a trained swim coach or instructor


When should my child learn to swim?
As soon as your child is capable of independent motion, they are capable of getting into water and drowning.
Therefore, water conditioning and water adaptation lessons should begin as early as 1 week old or as soon as possible.
Sarasota Swim Academy's Learn to Swim lessons are for children already comfortable in the water and comfortable moving and walking in the water without assistance.

If your child had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is not yet comfortable independently moving and walking in the water, the WATER SMART- confidence building class may be the perfect beginning (see below)


"SUE NAMI's Swimming Journey" is a perfect children's book and tool to help with your child's water awareness, and to begin their swimming journey, even before they start their in-water swim class.

WATER SMART- CONFIDENCE BUILDER CLASS- for children 2+ years and older who are hesitant in or around the water environment

This class is for a new swimmer who had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is reluctant to comfortably stand and  not able to move independently in water up to their waist without holding on to the edge of pool or adult.
CONFIDENCE builder class is for the child that has been dependent on floatation devises for their water experience or has had an unfortunate water experience.
SMART-CONFIDENCE builder class will quickly teach confidence and independence, as well as, the initial skills of putting their face in the water, buoyancy, balance and independent movement in the water. 
Once a child 4 years + achieves independent movement and able to submerge their face and head under the water, SWIMMERS will advance to Level 1 of the Learn to Swim group class where they will proceed to learn proper air exchange (BUBBLES) and learn proper body swim positions.

Children under 4 years old will continue in the Baby/Me program, with Parent advancing to learn and teach their child  independence, proper body position, air exchange and kick/stroke work.


Annual REGISTRATION: $20 first student, $30 per family 
MONTHLY TUITION:  4 or 8 30 minute classes per month. All extra classes within the month will be used as a make up class if class is canceled due to weather.
$100/month - 1 class / week
$150/month - 2 class / week each consecutive month after 
$35 / class for custom schedule (vacations that interrupt class schedule)
SEMI-PRIVATE: $35 / class
PRIVATE: $50 / class