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Doggy Paddle, Holding your breath and Swimming under the water
is not swimming.

Stroke School is a year round program. It will be determined at the first day of class if a student is ready for Stroke School.
Students must be able to swim a minimum of 50 feet in water over their head and be able to self breathe, move with a modified arm over arm stroke and kick to recover to the edge of the pool or a ladder.

If your child needs basic swim lessons, please refer to Arlington Park Aquatic Center for swim lessons 941-316-1344

WHY STROKE SCHOOL vs Swim lessons?

In Stroke School students refine Freestyle and Backstroke, with emphasis on proper breath exchange, body position, and proper freestyle and back stroke techniques.

The distinction between Sarasota TSUNAMI Swim Academy’s Stroke School and other swim lessons is that we have 1 and only 1 focus, to teach real swimming. We do not waste the swimmers time or the parent’s money on unnecessary drills that do not enhance or teach
real swimming strokes.

Stroke School is programed by USA SWIMMING registered TSUNAMI SWIM TEAM, (a division of the KLEIN SWIM ACADEMY 501c3 non-profit), to ensure all swimmers receive accurate and significant instruction to maximize their swimming ability.

click here for the full STROKE SCHOOL curriculum

While your child is developing their swimming skills, they may decide that swimming is the sport they love. AND we would love to have them be part of our TSUNAMI swim team.

STROKE SCHOOL's skill levels range from Beginner (Level 4) to Advanced (Level 5) and are based less on age and more on the swimming skills your child possesses. Your child progresses at their own speed and athletic ability.  (Children 3-4 years and older)

REVIEW:  All Level 4 children must exhibit the following skills

1. Proper Air Exchange: Slow air release with face submerged in the water, then LOOK UP to take a breath. Children need to be able to comfortably take 3 independent breaths in water over their heads. 
2. Kicking, Front and Back Glide Proper front glide in a streamline body position with flutter kick with a minimum of 3 independent unassisted breaths. Maintain a proper back glide with flutter kick.
3.  Moderate Over Arm Strokes: Swim 50 feet in water over their head with proper front glide flutter kicking with moderate out of the water over arm stroke skills and take a minimum of 3 independent breaths. Maintain a proper back glide and flutter kick with moderate single or double arm out of the water back stroke.

Crawl Stroke
Swimmers will learn proper front crawl (Freestyle) swim and single arm back crawl BACK stroke. Swimmers will practice 25 yard drills, front freestyle and proper rotation roll to back and swim back stroke.
Swimmers will be introduced to side breathing every 3rd freestyle stroke. Introduction to kickboard kicking.

Advance to LEVEL 5:  Swim 25 yards crawl stroke (FREESTYLE) & back stroke with minimum of side breathe every 3rd stroke.

( All LEVEL 5 Children must exhibit skills in LEVELS 1-4 )

Swimmers will refine Freestyle stroke with side bilateral breathing on every 3rd stroke, with proper arm positions and single arm Back stroke with proper body rotation. Introducing stroke work using a kickboard, to help build endurance and isolate skills in breathing, kicking and strokes.

Advance to TSUNAMI RED TEAM when swimmers have mastered a 25-yard freestyle swim with side breath, 25-yard backstroke swim in water over their head and flutter kick 25-yards using a kick board.

TSUNAMI RED TEAM: Introduction to the sport of swimming with emphasis on building endurance and refining the freestyle and backstroke techniques. Introduction of breaststroke, flip turns, push offs, swimming terminology and an introduction to the competitive side of the sport.

Annual REGISTRATION: $20 first student, $30 per family 
$125/month - 1 class / week / month        $175/month - 2 class / week / month
4 or 8 30-minute classes per month. All extra classes within the month will be used as a make-up class if class is canceled due to weather.


revised  1.2023