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Stroke School is a year round program. Students Learn to Swim Freestyle and Backstroke, with emphasis on proper breath exchange, body position, and proper freestyle and back stroke techniques.

WHY STROKE SCHOOL vs Swim lessons?

The distinction between Sarasota TSUNAMI Swim Academy’s Stroke School and other swim lessons is that we have 1, and only 1 focus, to teach real swimming. Children will practice drills that teach (Levels 1-4) and enhance (Level 5) real swimming strokes.

Stroke School is programed by USA SWIMMING registered TSUNAMI SWIM TEAM, to ensure all swimmers receive accurate and significant instruction to maximize their swimming ability.

Our 5-skill level approach to achieve proper swim techniques is based on the SwimAmericaTM curriculum for children 3 years and older.

STROKE SCHOOL  Schedule & Rates


Water conditioning and water adaptation should begin as early as 5 weeks old or as soon as possible. Click here for the Baby/Me program

If your child had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is not yet comfortable independently moving and walking in the water, the WATER SMART- confidence building class may be the perfect beginning (see below)

Sarasota TSUNAMI Swim Academy's STROKE SCHOOL are for children 3 years and older, already comfortable in the water and comfortable splashing, moving and walking in the water without major assistance.

Even though your child may feel comfortable in a swimming pool environment, they need to develop proper swimming skills, endurance while in the water, muscle strength and lung capacity.

What would happen if they fell out of a motor boat, sailboat, surfboard, kayak, tube on a river, paddle board?  Fell off a dock, river bank, or caught up in a heavy surf?  Could they SWIM to safety?

All STROKE SCHOOL levels have the option to practice once or twice each week for 30 minutes, with the goal of swimmers swimming 25 yard stroke drills & practices in the teaching pool, with practice extended to the competition pool and deep water when available.


STROKE SCHOOL's skill levels range from Beginner (Level 1-4) to Advanced (Level 5) and are based less on age and more on the swimming skills your child possesses. Your child progresses at their own speed and athletic ability.
(for children 3-4 years and older)


PROPER BREATH EXCHANGE is for beginners, however all students are taught this skill to ensure proper breath control. This class includes introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming. We work on gradual proper air exchange: Slow air release with face submerged in the water, then LOOK UP to take a breath. Swimmers gain water confidence, master submerging their face in the water, resurface and taking a relaxed big breath.

 We  also introduce proper body positioning, streamline with flutter kicking, front and back glides. Proper Breath Exchange is the foundation and is crucial to a confident swimming experience and technique. 

Advance to LEVEL 2: 10 full submerged Streamline Bobs with proper breath exchange with full face in the water


Front and Back Glide is the next skill for swimmers who have achieved submerging their full face in the water and exhaling air, resurfacing to take a breath and demonstrating 10 relaxed bobs with proper air exchange. We do not teach "floating", since swimming requires propulsion through the water.

Swimmers  will be taught front glide in a streamline body position with flutter kick and recover with a minimum of 1 independent unassisted breath. Swimmers will be taught back glide with flutter kick and recover.
Advance to LEVEL 3:  5 second Unassisted Back Glide kick, Front Streamline Glide kick with a minimum of 1 independent breath cycle.


Kicking  is the next skill for swimmers who have achieved how to comfortably exhale while their face is in the water and take an independent breath, with proper breath exchange, glide in streamline while independently taking 1 breath and independently back glide.

Swimmers will be taught flutter kicking skills with front/back glide in streamline body position, as well as take a minimum of 3 independent unassisted breaths.

Advance to LEVEL 4: 15 feet back glide kick and Front Streamline Glide Kick with a minimum of
3 independent breaths


Crawl Stroke is the next skill for swimmers who have achieved LEVELS 1, 2, & 3, Proper breath exchange, Front glide streamline with 1 independent breath, and kicking with a miniumum of 3 independent breaths, back flutter kick on top of the water.

Swimmers will learn front crawl (Freestyle) swim and single arm back stroke. Swimmers will be taught to swim and rollover front freestyle to back and swim back stroke.
Swimmers will be introduced to side breathing every 3rd freestyle stroke.
Advance to LEVEL 5: Swim in water over their head. Swim 25 yards crawl stroke (FREESTYLE) &  back stroke with minimum of self breathe every 3rd stroke.


LEVEL 5 Stroke School is for swimmers who have demonstrated the ability to swim with face in the water, swim 25 yards freestyle with proper breathing, swim backstroke, as well as swim in water over their heads.
Stroke School is to refine freestyle and back stroke, kick, breath exchange & body position.

ADVANCED Stroke School will be assessed during first class

Freestyle, Backstroke with Side Bilateral Breathing is the next skill for swimmers who have achieved Levels 1, 2, 3, 4.

Swimmers will learn
Freestyle stroke with side bilateral breathing on every 3rd stroke, with proper arm positions and single arm Back stroke with proper body rotation. Continued strenghening fluter kick, building endurance in breathing, kicking and swimming. Swimmers will be introduced to breast stroke and breast stroke kick.

Advance to TSUNAMI RED TEAM  when swimmers have mastered a 25-yard freestyle swim with proper side breath, 25-yard backstroke swim in water over their head.

TSUNAMI RED TEAM: Introduction to the sport of swimming with emphasis on building endurance and refining the freestyle and backstroke techniques. Introduction of breaststroke, flip turns, push offs, swimming terminology and an introduction to the competitive side of the sport.

Sue Nami's Swimming Journey - Daycare Driland Swim Class

START the swimming conversation with your children in the safety of your home or classroom
OUTSIDE of the Water,
with Pre-K PRE-SWIM DRY-LAND SWIM DRILLS in a teachable online class.

These are the same drills we practice inside with our STROKE SCHOOL groups,
when forced out of the water due to bad weather.

Suitable for children 15 months and older

Courtesy of "Sue Nami's Swimming Journey-
Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water"

SUE NAMI's Swimming Journey- the BOOK 
“Nami” ventures on an educational journey to learn how her wildlife  friends breathe, balance, streamline and move in the water.
Nami will demonstrate fun and engaging swimming drills and encourage children to practice with her, Outside of the Water.

Nami’s book and swim practice drills are an adult and parent’s guide to begin to teach & train children water awareness with emphasis on:

Chapter 1: proper breath
Chapter 2: proper streamline & balance
Chapter 3: proper propulsion to move through the water

This book and swim drills are not to replace traditional swim lessons with a trained swim coach or instructor


If your child 
had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is reluctant, cautious, hesitant and not yet comfortable in the water, the WATER SMART class may be a perfect class to start. A CONFIDENCE BUILDING CLASS- for children 2+ years and older who are uncomfortable in or around the water environment.

"SUE NAMI's Swimming Journey" is a perfect children's book and tool to help with your child's water awareness, and to begin their swimming journey,
even before they start their in-water swim class.

This class is for a new swimmer who had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is reluctant to comfortably stand and  not able to move independently in water up to their waist without holding on to the edge of pool or adult.

CONFIDENCE builder class is for the child that has been dependent on floatation devises for their water experience or has had an unfortunate water experience.

SMART-CONFIDENCE builder class will quickly teach confidence and independence, as well as, the initial skills of putting their face in the water, buoyancy, balance and independent movement in the water. 

Once a child turns 4 years + achieves independent movement and able to submerge their face and head under the water, SWIMMERS will advance to Level 1 of the learn to swim STROKE SCHOOL where they will proceed to learn proper air exchange (BUBBLES) and learn proper body swim positions.

Children under 4 years old will continue in the Baby/Me program, with Parent advancing to learn and teach their child  independence, proper body position, air exchange and kick/stroke work.


The pool is not a place for play.

 If your child is in the pool, we urge parents to incorporate ALL SKILLS and DRILLS as an interactive practice, encouraging your child to work on their water adaptation, breath exchange, kicking and independent mobility on the surface of the water.

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