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Sarasota Swim Academy is a proud partner with the nationally acclaimed 
SwimAmericaTM  learn to swim progression curriculum program for children 3-4 years and older.
The progression curriculum focuses on 5 skill stations. Proper breath exchange, proper body position, proper kicking, introduction to crawl stroke, freestyle with side breathing and back stroke.

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When should my child learn to swim?
As soon as your child is capable of independent motion, they are capable of getting into water and drowning.
Therefore, water conditioning and water adaptation lessons should begin as early as 1 week old or as soon as possible.
Sarasota Swim Academy's Learn to Swim lessons are for children already comfortable in the water and comfortable moving and walking in the water without assistance.
If your child had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is not yet comfortable independently moving and walking in the water, the WATER SMART- confidence building class may be the perfect beginning (see below)

Skills and Goals

Our skill station classes range from basic to advanced and are based less on age and more on the swimming skills your child possesses. Your child progresses at their own speed and athletic ability.
(for children 3-4 years and older)

If your child 
had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is reluctant, cautious, hesitant and not yet comfortable in the water,
the WATER SMART class may be a perfect class to start.

WATER SMART-CONFIDENCE BUILDER CLASS- for children 2+ years and older hesitant in or around the water environment.
This class is for a new swimmer who 
had an unfortunate or tramatic water experience and is reluctant to comfortably stand and  not able to move independently in water up to their waist without holding on to the edge of pool or adult.
CONFIDENCE builder class is for the child that has been dependent on floatation devises for their water experience or has had an unfortunate water experience.
SMART-CONFIDENCE builder class will quickly teach confidence and independence, as well as, the initial skills of putting their face in the water, buoyancy, balance and independent movement in the water. 
Once a child 4 years + achieves independent movement and able to submerge their face and head under the water, SWIMMERS will advance to Level 1 of the Learn to Swim group class where they will proceed to learn proper air exchange (BUBBLES) and learn proper body swim positions.

Children under 4 years old will continue in the Baby/Me program, with Parent advancing to learn and teach their child  independence, proper body position, air exchange and kick/stroke work.

ALL students start with Station 1 and move up as they achieve the goals.

Bubbles aka PROPER BREATH EXCHANGE is for beginners, however all students begin in BUBBLES to ensure proper breath control. This class includes introduction to the basic skills necessary for swimming. We work on gradual water adaptation, movement in the water, "blowing birthday candles", proper air exchange: BIG breath and slow air release with face submerged in the water. Swimmers gain water confidence, master submerging their face in the water, resurface and taking a relaxed big breath.
 We  also introduce proper body positioning, streamline with flutter kicking, front and back glides and BIG SMILES. Proper Breath Exchange is the foundation and is crucial to a confident and safe swimming experience and technique. 

Advance to Station 2: 10 full submerged Streamline Bobs with proper breath exchange with full face in the water


Front and Back Glide is the next skill/station for swimmers who have achieved submerging their full face in the water, taking a breath, after exhaling their air under the water and demonstrating 10 relaxed bobs with proper air exchange.
Swimmers  will be taught to front glide to streamline body position with flutter kick and recover with a minimum of 1 independent unassisted breath. Swimmers will be taught back glide with flutter kick and recover.
Advance to Station 3:
  5 second Unassisted  Back Glide kick, Front Streamline Glide kick with a minimum of 1 independent breath cycle


Kicking  is the next skill/station for swimmers who have achieved how to comfortably take a breath, exhale while their face is underwater, with proper breath exchange, glide to streamline while independently taking 1 breath and back glide with flutter kick independently.
Swimmers will be taught proper flutter kick and will learn kicking skills with front/back glide in streamline body position, as well as take a minimum of 3 independent unassisted breaths.

Advance to Station 4: 15 feet back glide kick and Front Streamline Glide Kick with a minimum of
3 independent breaths


Crawl Stroke is the next skill/station for swimmers who have achieved Stations 1, 2, & 3, Proper breath exchange, Front glide streamline kicking with a miniumum of 3 independent breaths, back flutter kick on top of the water.
Swimmers will be taught to rollover front to back and back to front. Swimmers will learn front crawl (Freestyle) swim and double/single arm back stroke.

Advancement Goal: 30 feet crawl stroke &  back stroke with minimum of self breathe every 3rd stroke
Advance Station 4: Side breathing every 3rd freestyle stroke.

Freestyle, Backstroke,with Side Bilateral Breathing is the next skill/station for swimmers who have achieved Stations 1, 2, 3, 4.
Swimmers will learn
Crawl stroke with Side bilateral breathing on every 3rd stroke, Single arm back stroke with proper rotation stroke. Continued strenghening fluter kick, Rollover freestyle to backstroke drills
ADVANCE to STROKE SCHOOL:  Swim 25 yards Freestyle & Backstroke, with side breathing in water over their head

an assessment is required to join Stroke School. call 941 928 9948 for an appointment

Stroke School is for swimmers who have demonstrated the ability to swim with face in the water, swim 25 yards freestyle with proper breathing, swim backstroke, as well as swim in water over their heads. 
Stroke School is to refine freestyle and back stroke, kick, breath exchange & body position.

Breaststroke: appropriate for swimmers who swim Freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers will be taught introduction to breaststroke kick, breath exchange & stroke.
Swimmers advance to TSUNAMI RED TEAM  when they have mastered a 25-yard freestyle swim with proper side breath, 25-yard backstroke swim in water over their head.
OR Swimmers may continue in Stroke School as a part of their physical and fitness activity.

please click here to go to the Stroke SCHOOL page

Holding your breath & Swimming under the water IS NOT SWIMMING .


At Sarasota Swim Academy, we use a high standard. WE TEACH  SWIMMING. We are in business to save lives.
That means a person can maintain themselves indefinitely in the water. To do so, requires proper air exchange and control your breathing, requires the ability to exhale used air and inhale new air. That's called Aerobic Swimming. (just like being able to talk while you jog!).

We introduce this skill in our BABY/ME class as early as 10 months old.

Our standard is that a person should be able to swim 300 yards non-stop, and swim 6 different styles of swimming, to be considered a "swimmer."  300 yards is important. Scientists have found that humans can swim 200 yards without being able to breathe effectively. But without the ability to breathe effectively, eventually that person will get in trouble, and possibly endanger their life.  We went 1/3 beyond that point to set our standard of 300 yards of non-stop swimming. That goal won't be quickly achieved. It takes time. But it can save your child's life. That's worth the investment of time.
After all, learning to swim is a LIFETIME GIFT.

The pool is not a place for play.
 If your child is in the pool, we urge parents to incorporate ALL SKILLS and lessons as an interactive practice, encouraging your child to work on their water adaptation, breath control, kicking and independent mobility on the surface of the water.

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call 941-928-9948 or e-mail  coachcindy@sarasotaswimacademy.org